Mark your calendars for Apil 30th

Back by popular demand, we are excited to host our IACs in person at the State Office in Gilbert this year. As you all know, this serves as an important process for our grassroots policy development.  These meetings are a great opportunity for our committees to begin the discussions on policies impacting our members, rural Arizona, and importantly agriculture. We will hear from American Farm Bureau Staff on key issues affecting the industry, bring together our subject matter experts, and have an opportunity to start identifying and shaping our policy needs for this year.  

We have re-designed our committees to accommodate a one day in person event. If you missed our previous article, we have consolidated committees to accommodate a one-day event. Three committees will meet in the morning, with all committees convening together for lunch, and then the remaining three will meet in the afternoon. Below is an outline of the agenda, and we look forward to seeing all the committee members and to the discussions that are so important to our grassroots policy development process. After all, that is what makes Arizona Farm Bureau such a great organization! 


9:30 am         Registration for Morning Committees

9:45 am         Morning Welcome and Overview – Training Room

10:00 am       Morning Commodity Committee Breakouts

        • Ag Labor 
        • Crops 
        • Environment and Land Use 

11:30              Registration for Afternoon Committees

12:00 pm       Lunch and Presentation 

1:45 pm         Afternoon Commodity Committee Breakouts 

        • Farm Policy 
        • Livestock 
        • Water

Issue Surfacing Form

We encourage you all to start thinking and surfacing those issues that impact you and your livelihoods. Take a look at our policy book, found on our website at, and if we do not have a policy that guides our staff and volunteers on those issues, please take the time to submit those through the electronic form above or scan the QR code to submit from your smartphone.  

We would like to thank all our dedicated members who serve on the committee and look forward to some great discussions in April.