In the midst of tough times, Americans and Arizonans have always banded together to help those around them. Coming together makes us stronger. Your Arizona Ford dealers have always believed in the strength of Arizona, and its people and communities. Ford is not only built Ford tough, but also built to lend a hand

Over the last year through Fires, Hurricanes, and tornadoes Ford offered payment relief to over 150,000 Ford customers.

Your Arizona Ford dealers want to lend a hand, again. Especially now.

If you or your Family are impacted by COVID-19 and you are leasing or financing through Ford credit Ford is here to help. Please contact for information on available payment deferral options.

This isn’t the only way your Arizona Ford dealers are lending a hand.

If you need a new vehicle, Ford is providing 6-month payment relief when you buy a new Ford vehicle. Ford will defer 3 payments and make 3 payments… for peace of mind up to 6 months.

Shop online at or contact your Arizona Ford dealer to find out about home delivery and other vehicle service options.

You have a lot to take care of let the Arizona Ford dealers take care of you.

One more way the Arizona Ford dealers are looking to lend a hand to those in need around them is by giving back.

For a lot of Arizonan’s, putting food on the table is a challenge in regular circumstances. You can imagine how that challenge has been heightened in recent days. To that end, the Ford has made a fifty thousand dollar ($50K) toward St. Mary’s Food Bank’s Emergency Food Box Program and other vital services. The Donation will allow St. Mary’s, to provide an additional 350,000 meals to those in need in Arizona.

For over 100 years Ford has been helping to build this country and our community right here is Arizona, and they don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Built Ford tough. Built Ford Proud, and most importantly, Ford is Built to lend a hand.


Your Arizona Ford Dealers