Company Description: The Arizona Cotton Research and Protection Council (ACRPC) is a state agency through which Arizona cotton growers provide funding for research and applied technology to address industry needs relating to pest control and crop production. Additionally, the ACRPC has the authority to manufacture and sell Aspergillus flavus AF36, a biological control that manages aflatoxin contamination in crops through the use of a native strain of the fungus that naturally does not produce aflatoxins. This product is currently used in a number of states and crops in the west and the southwestern US.

Job Title and Description: The role of the AF36 Marketing and Sales Associate is to establish retail distribution, accelerate the adoption rate and enhance sales of AF36 from the Arizona Cotton Research and Protection Council. This position will promote AF36 to agricultural distributors, retail locations, salespeople/PCAs, and growers.

Job responsibilities also include management of marketing campaigns, improving marketing functions surrounding the campaign, determine new markets and how well products are satisfying current markets, seeking customers in new areas, maintaining relationships with current customers, meeting with farmers, consumers, agribusiness leaders, and media members.

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