Membership Matters: Mom...Dad, I'm Bored

Membership Matters: Mom...Dad, I'm Bored
Cooking together is fun and it gives your children a skill at the same time.

At this stage of the summer, parents frequently hear, “I’m bored, there is nothing thing to do!” Don’t despair, a healthy dose of boredom can yield all sorts of unexpected benefits for kids. In fact, the whole concept of summer is wonderful and wide open to interpretation. Summer can mean more family time…which adds substance to your children’s fabric of values. 

Here are five benefits of boredom:

1.     Boredom gives kids time to be kids 

I know it sounds crazy messy but the next time the kids want to play in the mud, bake cookies, rearrange their room, build a tent in the house or run in the sprinkler…let them.

2.     Many times, boredom will spark creativity 

An unstructured summer gives kids a chance to – wait for it – use their imagination and think on their own.

3.     Kids can become more self-sufficient

The kids might catch on to hanging up wet towels, become expert laundry folders or fix a hot lunch and entertain themselves.

4.     Try activities that involve no screen, no cost and no supervision

Read a book, make a play, go to the park, take a bike ride alone in the neighborhood. I believe kids don’t need their parents to be with them 24-7.

5.     Shop, cook and eat

Brainstorm with your teen about new ways to recreate old recipes, find a local Farmers Market and go shopping for something different to eat. Cooking involves skills like, planning, time management, healthy eating and communicaton. Eat this new creation together. is Farm Bureau’s online directory of farmers and ranchers that sell direct, a list of Farmers Markets and wonderful family recipes.  Don’t forget, as a Farm Bureau member you also have access to over 20 different entertainment benefits.

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