USCIS has announced a new Form I-9 for all employers.  The form is available for immediate use as follows:

Effective May 7, 2013, the old form will no longer be valid for new hires. 


USCIS… Tucson (April 9th) and Phoenix (April 11th) is having training forums to highlight the changes and answer questions.  In light of the dramatic changes to this latest revision of the Form I-9, I strongly urge at least one person from your company to attend one of the training sessions.  Dave Basham from USCIS will be on hand to highlight what’s new about this form, and answer questions.  Feel free to  invite any friends or associates who deal with Form I-9 to the training.  

To register for the training, please go to and look for the IMAGE Training Forum box on the right side of the page.