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Direct Marketing book

Direct Marketing book

A Farmer's Guide to Marketing the Direct Market Farm

The purpose of this book is to give you simple, quick and practical strategies for marketing your agriculture products. Plus, these strategies are designed to help launch your effort even if your operating budget for marketing is close to non-existent. And, much of what the book shares comes from other farmers and ranchers selling their agriculture products to families.

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On the Road With Arizona Agriculture

On the Road With Arizona Agriculture

You Can Travel to Arizona Agriculture’s Farms

Arizona is one of the most diverse agricultural production states in the nation, producing more than 160 varieties of vegetables, livestock, field crops and nursery stock. This uniquely original desert state is a great place to live and enjoy the farm fresh products grown here.

This guide was designed to highlight the numerous agritainment farm locations and the on-farm Farmers’ Markets in Arizona.  

Road warriors discover:

  • Unique U-pick farms
  • On-farm entertainment for the whole family and
  • Farms to buy the freshest produce from
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