Arizona Agriculture

Arizona Agriculture



October 2018 Arizona Agriculture


This issue is our election issue and we talk about hunger in Arizona.

September 2018 Arizona Agriculture


This issue we go to Arizona wine country and discover how our wine grape growers are crushing it!

August 2018 Arizona Agriculture


In this issue, we discuss Food Safety's Farm to Food Continuum with a food safety expert.

May 2018 Arizona Agriculture


This issue we discuss Arizona's local markets with Kimber Lanning

April 2018 Arizona Agriculture


This issue we talk markets and trade with Eric Wilkey

March 2018 Arizona Agriculture


A conversation about food safety

2018 February Arizona Agriculture


Top Story: A conversation about Arizona's Top Agriculture Commodity: Beef

Arizona Agriculture January 2018


Legislative Leaders Establish their Top Priorities

Arizona Agriculture - November December 2017


A conversation about Pesticide Use in Agriculture

Arizona Agriculture - October 2017


A conversation about Amazon's Big Food Move: One Rancher's Perspective

Arizona Agriculture - September 2017


A conversation with a cotton farmer about water in the west.

Arizona Agriculture - August 2017


A conversation about millennials ready to be builders: Vance Crowe

Arizona Agriculture - May 2017


A conversation about Arizona's Cattle Feeding Industry

Arizona Agriculture - April 2017


A conversation with a trade specialist.

Arizona Agriculture - March 2017


A conversation with a Financial guru: Jim Manos; Celebrating AgFest with our Leaders and Legislators

Arizona Agriculture - February 2017


A Conversation about the Exciting World of Science and Discovery

Arizona Agriculture - January 2017


Legislative Leadership Establishes Their Priorities

Arizona Agriculture - November/December 2016


A Conversation with a Farm Bureau Leaders: Sherry Saylor

Arizona Agriculture - October 2016


A conversation with a nutritionist

Arizona Agriculture - September 2016


A conversation with a Young Farmer.

Arizona Agriculture - August 2016


A Conversation about U.S. Mexico Economic Opportunity and a meeting with our Arizona Governor.

Arizona Agriculture - May 2016


A Conversation with a food industry Executive about GMOs and more.

Arizona Agriculture - April 2016


Conversation with an Economist about Farm Income: George Frisvold

Arizona Agriculture - March 2016


A Conversation with a Farmer Geneticist: Wes Kerr

Arizona Agriculture - February 2016


A Conversation about Arizona, the Nutrition State: Shane Burgess

Arizona Agriculture - January 2016


Legislative Leaders Establish Their 2016 Priorities

Arizona Agriculture - November-December 2015


A conversation with a vegetarian: Paula Rivadeneira

Arizona Agriculture - October 2015, Volume 68, No. 8


Conversation about Yuma Water: Wade Noble

September 2015, Volume 68, No. 7


Conversation with a Water Management Veteran: Lisa Atkins

August 2015, Volume 68, No. 6


Conversation about Water Strategy in Pinal County: Bryan Hartman

April 2015, Volume 68, No. 4


Conversation with a Veteran Aggie about Water: Ron Rayner

March 2015, Volume 68, No. 3


Conversation with American Icon, Temple Grandin

May 2015, Volume 68, No. 5


Conversation about the "Why" of the University of Arizona's Agricultureal Centers

February 2015, Volume 68, No. 2


Our Conversation series continues. CEO Jim Uhl shares his thoughts on Arizona growth.

January 2014, Volume 68, No. 1


A New Year, a New Beginning. We hear from our legislative leaders.

November-December 2014, Volume 67, 11


An organic farmer who supports GMO crops. How can this be?

October 2014, Volume 67, No. 8


An Arizona rancher shares his concerns with our branding system.

September 2014, Volume 67, No. 7


A Conversation with an Agriculture Futurist.

August 2014, Volume 67, No. 6


Norman Borlaug's Grandaughter talks about her legacy.

May 2014, Volume 67, No. 5


Arizona Agriculture interviews a state senator with a strong entreprenueral spirit.

April 2014, Volume 67, No. 4


A retail olive grower advocates for GMO crops.

March 2014, Volume 67, No. 3


Measurable outcomes in agriculture and much more!

February 2014, Volume 67, No. 2


A Conversatio with a water expert and Arizona's future water potential; our trip to San Antonio; and "Big Organic!"

January 2014, Volume 67, No. 1


We begin the New Year with commentary by our legislative leaders!

November-December 2013, Volume 66, 11


Our last issue of 2013 is loaded with information.

October 2013, Volume 66, No. 10


The October Arizona Agriculture issue included a conversation with Grady Gammage, Jr., the cost of labor, preserving our land and more.

September 2013, Volume 66, No. 9


The September 2013 issue covered the beef industry, farm succession plans and more.

August 2013, Volume 66, No. 8


The August 2013 issue features a "Conversation" article with one of our organic, retail farmers and much more!!!

July 2013, Volume 66, No. 7


The July 2013 issue covered future development in Arizona on farmland, preserving our land, Charity dollars for Ag Education and More.

June 2013, Volume 66, No. 6


A conversation with a Chicken Farmer: Glenn Hickman

May 2013, Volume 66, No. 5


A Conversation with a Visionary: CEO of Yulex

April 2013, Volume 66, No. 4


A conversation with an Energy Economist: Oil Boom 2.0

March 2013, Volume 66, No. 3


A conversation with a Humanitarian

February 2013, Volume 66, No. 2


The Return of Tough Times in the Dairy Industry!

January 2013, Volume 66, No. 1


Legislative Leadership Establishes their 2013 Priorities.

November-December 2012, Volume 65, No.11


The Hot Topic on the Horizon: GMO LabelingYou Don't Get Off The Hook That Easily!Food Prices Then; Food Prices NowView File...

October 2012, Volume 65, No.10


Propositions you'll find on the November BallotCelebrating the CentennialAITC brings Ag Camp and Merchandise to Annual MeetingView File...

September 2012, Volume 65, No.9


A Flood of Water Regulations, Even in a DroughtProperty Rights and the Paradox of PowerIt Does MatterView File...

August 2012, Volume 65, No.8


Five Success Strategies to Succession PlanningA Destiny Fit for a KingDon't Miss Out on Your County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting!View File...

July 2012, Volume 65, No.7


The War on Western PowerWest Pinal County Officially Designated as a Non-attainment Area for PM10Attention: Jungle Primaries May be Coming to a State Near YouView File...

June 2012, Volume 65, No.6


Celebrating the CentennialOur Women of Integrity and Quiet AuthorityA Civics Refresher on Primary ElectionsView File...

May 2012, Volume 65, No.5


Interview with USDA's Deputy Secretary Kathleen MerriganOur Rotenone Round-UpIn the End, A Successful Legislative SessionView File...

April 2012, Volume 65, No.4


More and More Farmers Connect with Consumers OnlineU.S. Supreme Court Again Clarifies Streambed OwnershipA Double Dose of BenefitsView File...

March 2012, Volume 65, No.3


There Are Strong Signals for Arizona AgricultureThe Essential Need for Immigrant LaborFarmers Can Prevent Hearing Loss, Skin CancerView File...

February 2012, Volume 65, No. 2


The Arizona Dairy Industry Returns from the Precipice to Lead!The Man from Gila RiverArizona Farmers & Ranchers Must Learn to Talk Consumer's LanguageView File...

Jaunary 2012, Volume 65, No. 1


Legislative Leadership Establishes Their 2012 PrioritiesWhere Have All The Arizona Apples Gone?!The Best in Arizona Agriculture CelebratedView File...

November-December 2011 Volume 64 No. 11


Issues on the ForefrontFarm Bureau Leaders Witness DC GridlockCountryside Grassroots Works!View File...

October 2011 Volume 64 No. 10


Meet Your New Dean of the College of Agriculture & Life SciencesBut Isn’t All Farming Organic?Getting the Most out of Farm Bureau’s Annual ConventionView File...

September 2011 Volume 64 No. 9


Beef Industry Survives Challenges while Markets and Beef Prices ImproveFood Contaminants Really Don’t Care Whether Food is OrganicAITC’s Volunteers come from the Most Obvious PlacesView File...

August 2011 Volume 64 No. 8


The Economics of Farming in our Current Economic Times Forest Health Cannot Take a Back Seat! Is This a Deal Made in Heaven, Or Hell?View File...

July 2011 Volume 64 No. 7


Farmers Helping Ranchers While Wildfres Rage Congress to Consider Mandating E-Verify A Lesson In Organizational CommunicationView File...

June 2011 Volume 64 No. 6


Pending Trade Agreements Could Bring Millions of Dollars to Arizona’s Economy Sine Die is Just the Beginning The Surprising History of the Secret BallotView File...

May 2011 Volume 64 No. 5


Food Safety Begins with You Perceptions Have Changed Agriculture: A Growing StoryView File...

April 2011 Volume 64 No. 4


Troubled Waters State Legislation on the 14th Amendment Won’t change a Thing Kyl's Replacement must be a Problem SolverView File...

March 2011 Volume 64 No. 3


Big Ag Number Means Big Productivity Gains in Arizona Agriculture Arizona Agriculture: A Snapshot Farmers Can Prevent Hearing Loss, Skin CancerView File...

February 2011 Volume 64 No. 2


Is King Cotton Back? Now that the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act has Passed... You Make Feeding the State's Hungry PossibleView File...

January 2011 Volume 64 No. 1


Legislative Leadership Establishes Their 2011 Priorities Arizona Farm Bureau’s Legislative Docket for 2011 As a Guest in the Supreme Court, I Couldn’t Help Think we are All Winners to Be Living in this CountryView File...

November/December 2010 Volume 63 No. 11


EPA Oil Spill Regulations Mean More Costs Get a Visual on Arizona Agriculture Young Farmers and Ranchers, We’ve Got Lots Going On. Join Us!View File...

October 2010 Volume 63 No. 10


Meet a Momma Bear on the Border Propositions you’ll fnd on the November Ballot It’s Time to Get Back to Constitutional Basics!View File...

September 2010 Volume 63 No. 9


Beef is Back! Food Safety in Animal Agriculture Getting a Producer-Driven Boost AITC’s Volunteers come from the Most Obvious PlacesView File...

August 2010 Volume 63 No. 8


From Field to Fork: Food Safety a Priority for Arizona Growers and Shippers Insightful Summer Reading We Feed, We Clothe and We Rise to What We Must DoView File...

July 2010 Volume 63 No. 7


Growing for the Local Market Continued Litigation on Public Lands Could Mean an End to Grazing SCF Introduces more Savings for Arizona BusinessesView File...

June 2010 Volume 63 No. 6


Border Security Dominates D.C. Discussion The Legislature has Adjourned; Everyone Needs to Take a Deep Breath In this Election Year, Consider Arizona’s Amazing RacesView File...

May 2010 Volume 63 No. 5


The Impact of the EPA’s Endangerment Finding to Agriculture Arizona Agriculture Community Feels Pain of Krentz Family Loss Corporate Environmentalism is Generating Big GreenView File...

April 2010 Volume 63 No. 4


Imagining Arizona Agriculture in the Next 20 Years The Three-Legged Stool Becomes Unstable Budget Cuts could put Our Food Safety at RiskView File...

March 2010 Volume 63 No. 3


“Ag”vocating in 2010 Animal Agriculture and Responsible Antibiotic Use County Corner Q&A: NavajoView File...

February 2010 Volume 63 No. 2


A Professor, a Farmer and an Extension Agent Arizona Farm Bureau Reaches the Pinnacle A Positive Slant on RegulationView File...

January 2010 Volume 63 No. 1


Legislative Leadership Establishes Their 2010 Priorities Farm Bureau Leadership Prepared for 2010 Local Government Challenges in the Wake of State Budget WoesView File...

December 2009 Volume 62 No. 12


The Governor’s Office and the NBA Comes to the 88th Annual Meeting Annual Convention Highlights Farmers Standing Strong in Uncertain Times Young Agriculturalists Gather to Compete, Learn and SocializeView File...

November 2009 Volume 62 No. 11


Issues on the Forefront Encounter With A Humanitarian AITC Is In High CottonView File...

October 2009 Volume 62 No. 10


Feeling the Squeeze? High Costs and Depressed Prices Drive Net Farm Income to Fall by Billions Farm Bureau Youths Head for National FFA Competition Opportunities Await YF&R MembersView File...

September 2009 Volume 62 No. 9


Passing Climate Change Bill Would Be the Height of Folly Agriculture on Tribal Lands: What the USDA Numbers Tell Us YF&R Members… It’s Time to Demonstrate Your SkillsView File...

August 2009 Volume 62 No. 8


Arizona Beef Market Looking For Rain During a Very Dry Spell 2009 Legislative Wrap-Up AITC Begins New Year with New CurriculumView File...

July 2009 Volume 62 No. 7


Ensuring Safety in the Food Chain Local Police Coordinate with Farmers to Fight Rash of Hay Thefts America’s Heartland is Changing the Public’s Hearts and Minds for the BetterView File...

June 2009 Volume 62 No. 6


Carbon Becomes a Crop for Some; But A Cash Crop? Elections Matter Arizona’s Own Ana Kennedy Becomes Part of American Farm Bureau’s 5th Leader ClassView File...

May 2009 Volume 62 No. 5


Arizona’s Livestock and Crop Agriculture One Bad Apple – or Rather Peanut – Can Spoil the Whole Bunch Farm Machinery Safety and Your Bottom LineView File...

April 2009 Volume 62 No. 4


A Review of Last Year’s Agriculture Commodities Draws Some Insights The “Owner Approach” Will Help You Weather the Credit Crisis and Downturn Spirit of Optimism Buoys Young Farmers, RanchersView File...

March 2009 Volume 62 No. 3


Arizona Agriculture by the Numbers Sonoran Desert Tortoise Next in Line to Disrupt Arizona Agriculture Managing a Strong Business in a Weak EconomyView File...

February 2009 Volume 62 No. 2


The Economics of Farming in our Current Economic Times: It’s Not a Chicken Little Period There’s Proof! Agriculture Taught in the Classroom Improves Test Scores You Think You Can? Then You CanView File...

January 2009 Volume 62 No. 1


Legislative Leadership Establishes Their 2009 Priorities Prosperity in Farm and Ranch Country The Best in Arizona Agriculture CelebratedView File...