Arizona Ag Facts Although most people think desert not Agriculture when they hear Arizona, it is important to recognize that our desert is blooming! Arizona Agriculture is a $17.1 billion Industry. We rank 1st in the production of winter lettuce and alfalfa yields per acre. Click on the links below to see more cool facts about Arizona Agriculture!

  Arizona Farm Bureau''s Greetings From Arizona

Provides an overview of the many agricultural commodities produced throughout the state. In addition to providing you with an overview of Arizona Agriculture, this book will also provide you with some fun facts such as  why a tomato, although it is a fruit, is called a vegetable by many. Ever wonder what percentage of watermelon is actually water? How about why our paper money should actually be called cotton money? Learn these facts and many more! 

  The Arizona Department of Agriculture has created a Guide to Arizona Agriculture.
This is a great resource to get information about Arizona crops, the economic impact and of agriculture on our state, and even see harvest schedules!