Farm Friday Fun with Arizona Ag Farm Friday Fun is a year-long program for classrooms grades K-6. Participating classrooms receive information on a new crop each month including Farm Family Profiles, facts, and lesson plans.

Farm Friday Fun With Arizona Agriculture

Farm Friday fun with Arizona Ag allows teachers and students the opportunity to learn about a new crop each month.
Teachers can sign up by contacting Katie Aikins at Participating classes will receive the What's in Season  
classroom posters (set of 4) and a classroom set (30) of the Fruit and Veggie Ag Mags.  Be sure to request the posters and Ag mags
when you sign-up to be a part of the program.

Month Fun Facts
Family Farm Profile Lesson Plan
Apple Facts
Pendley Apple Homestead
Apples Galore 
October Gourd FactsThe Wuertz FamilyGourds in the Garden
NovemberSod Fact  Bob Flake and FamilySeed Survivor
December                             Broccoli Facts                        Nickerson Family                          Fabulous Flowers
January                              Tomato Facts                          Nature Sweet                           Tasty Tomatoes
February                               Cactus Facts                         Smallhouse Family
May                        Sweet Corn Facts                           Freeman Family