Farm Friday Fun with Arizona Agriculture

Farm Friday Fun with Arizona Agriculture Farm Friday Fun is a year-long program for ALL Arizona classrooms. Participating classrooms receive information on a new crop each month including Farm Family Profiles, facts, and lesson plans. This year's program will be highlighting members of the Arizona Farm and Ranch Hall of Fame. To sign your class up for this FREE program complete the sign-up form!

Farm Friday Fun with Arizona Ag allows parents and students the opportunity to learn about a new commodity each month. Parents can sign up by completing the online sign-up form HERE. Participants will receive a monthly email highlighting the commodity of the month with a fun fact sheet, a family farm or ranch highlight, and related lessons that can be done from home. Parents will also be provided with a PDF of the Fruit and Veggie Ag Mag and the Arizona Specialty Crops Ag MagThis year's program will celebrate Arizona's agricultural heritage by partnering with the Arizona Farm and Ranch Experience to offer farm and ranch profiles from those who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Participating families will have the opportunity to win a $50 or $25 Amazon Gift Card by submitting a video or book showcasing what they've learned about one of the Farm Friday Fun lesson topics. Contest details can be found HERE. The deadline to submit a video or book for this contest is May 8th.

Prizes for this contest were underwritten by the Arizona Farm and Ranch Experience.

Fun Facts
Family Farm Profile Lesson Plan Video
CareersCareers Fact Sheet
Ben Butler Profile
 Ag Careers
October PecansPecan FactsWalden FamilyPecan LessonGreen Valley Pecans
November CottonCotton FactsRayner Family 
December Beef CattleCattle Fun FactsAndy Groseta Profile  
January Dairy CattleDairy Fun FactsRobert VanHofwegen Profile  
February VegetablesVegetable Fun FactsKurte Nolte Profile  
March SheepSheep Fun FactsDwayne Dobson Profile 
April Wheat    
May Eggs