Farm Friday Fun with Arizona Agriculture

F arm Friday Fun with Arizona Ag allows teachers and students the opportunity to learn about a new commodity each month. Teachers can sign up by completing the online sign-up form HERE . Participants will receive a monthly email highlighting the commodity of the month with a fun fact sheet, a family farm or ranch highlight, and related lessons that can be done from home. Participating teachers will also receive a classroom set of What's In Season Posters,   Fruit and Veggie Ag Mags Arizona Specialty Crops Ag Mags, Farm and Ranch Profile Stickers and an Arizona County Map to track where they've "gone" through the lessons each month Program materials will be delivered directly to the school's front office for every teacher that signs up.

Fun Facts
Family Farm Profile Lesson Plan Video
Compost Facts
Compost Profile

Compost Lesson Bottle Biology Compost Column Notes Learn How To Compost Compost At Home

October Pumpkins Pumpkin Facts Mortimer Family Pumpkin Lesson, Student WorksheetPowerPoint Pumpkins
November Roses Rose Facts Wolff Roses Queen of the Flowers Lesson, PowerPoint  Roses
December Lettuce Lettuce Facts John Boelts Lettuce
January Vermiculture Vermiculture Facts Arizona Worm Farm         Vermiculture             
February Citrus Citrus Fun Facts Justice Brothers Citrus
March Carrots Carrot Fun Facts Rousseau Family Carrots
April Bees Bee Fun Facts AZ Queen Bee Bees
May Micro Greens
Micro greens
*The above chart will be updated as each month's lessons and resources are released for the 2020- 2021 school year.