Use any of these online games to encourage your students to learn math, science, social studies and english language arts while also learning about agriculture. These games provide a fun reinforcement for the concepts you have to teach!

My American Farm  
The American Farm Bureau has provide students and teachers with a variety of subject specific games that not only reinforce concepts from the classroom but also teach students the importance of agriculture. 

Range Rambler
Students can use math, geography and science as they use a compass and reference book to identify plants as the make their way through the forest. 

From Seed to Shelf
Students learn the importance of supply and demand, contracts and guestimating as they buy and sell products.

Ag Overload
Students answer multiple choice questions about agriculture.

Claude's Got The Scoop on Soil
This game allows students to learn about the wonderful world of soils.

Virtual Pumpkin Carving
After a tough pumpkin graphing lesson let your students sit and carve their very own pumpkin on the computer. Once the pumpkin is carved, students can print their pumpkin out to take home!

For questions or to reserve a CD copy of any of the above games please contact Katie Aikins at