Arizona Farm Bureau on Water

  • There is public benefit to preservation of agriculture in urbanizing areas.
  • Where development occurs within AMA’s and INA’s, it should be on land having a historical use of water.
  • New development should pay for its economic costs.
  • No government policy should be used to interfere with agricultural use of water, as long as a source of water is available.
  • We support “water augmentation” efforts for communities and watersheds, where those efforts enhance supplies, without negatively impacting another area.
  • Water transfers should be transparent, consider all community impacts and be subject to local control.
  • The Department of Water Resources should be adequately funded to meet public expectations and legal obligations.
  • We need statewide efforts as to water planning, but subject to local community support.

While Arizona agriculture represents a $23.3 billion economic contribution, the industry has decreased per acre water usage due to technologies and efficiencies. We produce more and better with less.

Arizona uses the same amount of water as it did in 1957. It is quite a success story and agriculture plays a large part.