Classroom Cooking Grants with Specialty Crops

The Arizona Farm Bureau is pleased to announce the Classroom Cooking Grant with Arizona Specialty Crops. This $150 Grant was created to provide the opportunity for teachers to showcase Arizona Specialty Crops in their classrooms. All teacher are encouraged to apply. Are you a culinary teacher? Show your students the versatility of cooking with Specialty Crops. Are you an ag teacher? A general education teacher? Show your students the variety of Specialty Crops produced in Arizona and set up a classroom taste test! However you choose to introduce Specialty Crops to your students, recipients will be required to teach a minimum of one Specialty Crop Lesson to their students. 


Grant Application

Lesson Plans

Arizona Specialty Crop HS Culinary Lesson Plans
Homegrown in Your State (K-2)
Lessons with vegetables (K-12)
Lessons with Fruits (K-12)

Additional Resources

Arizona Greetings Brochure (English)
Arizona Greetings Brochure (Spanish)
AZ Fruit and Veggie AgMag.pdf (English)
Arizona Fruit and Veggie Ag Mag (Spanish)
AZ Specialty Crop AgMag.pdf (English)
Arizona Specialty Crop Ag Mag (Spanish)