Each month Arizona Farm Bureau will bring you an easy to understand Webinar on some of the current issues that agriculture is facing. You will not only learn about the issue, but how it affects farmers and ranchers and what Arizona Farm Bureau is doing.

2022-2023 Webinars

Egg Prices Video    Eggs - January.pdf
 Water Update
 Elections Update and What it Might Mean For Ag

2021-2022 Webinars

Waters of the US (WOTUS)
Tier One Water Shortage

2020-2021 Webinars

Endangered Species Act
Water: The many types of water 
Fake Meat 
Ag Trade
How a bill Becomes a Law
Agriculture Labor
Covid-19 and Agriculture 
Arizona Agriculture
Arizona Ag and Covid 2.0 
Ag Economics and Trading 
Urban Agriculture  
Sustainable Agriculture
Ag Technology 
Wild Horse and Burros 
Where Are We With Water


Student Questions.pdf
Clever Catch While You Were Working .pdf                                                                       

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