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Arizona Agriculture is a 23.3 Billion Dollar Industry.

Arizona Farm Bureau: The Voice of Arizona Agriculture to Arizona’s farmers and ranchers for nearly 100 years. We know Arizona farming & ranching!

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We Go To Work for Arizona's Consumers and Farmers

Our grassroots policymaking process begins at the county Farm Bureau level, where resolutions are passed by farmer and rancher members, then brought to the state level for consideration.

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We Provide Programs and Resources to Arizona Farmers

Programs designed to develop leadership; build advocates.

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Nearly 200 statewide and local benefits mean you save big with Farm Bureau.

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Arizona Farm Bureau Federation is the grassroots advocacy group for our state’s farmers and ranchers. But, in a sense, we’re joined at the hip with Farm Bureau Financial Services, a separate company that sells property and casualty insurance and life and financial products to protect your family.

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