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We Need Your Help to Get A Farm Bill Passed This Year


Passing a Farm Bill this year is critically important.

Roses are Red and Every Color of the Rainbow Video


Arizona produces and exports 75% of the nation's rosebushes.

Arizona’s Local Eggnog, The Talk of the Town this Holiday Season


Danzeisen Dairy has already sold more local, fresh eggnog this holiday season than they did all last year through December 25th.

Membership Matters: Holiday Travel Savings


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Pinal County Does Wonders with Water Video


Pinal County is home to more than 900 productive and valuable family farms.

Arizona's Competitive Grocery Market and What it Means to Arizona Farming


Working with only a one to two percent profit margin, grocery retailers have developed apps for cell phones that will advertise, allow for ordering and connecting with customers before they even walk in the store.

Membership Matters: Creating a Login


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Apple Video: An Apple A Day ...


Remember to eat the peel of the apple where all the fiber and anti-oxidants reside.

We're In High Cotton in Arizona!


Cotton is a renewable resource all along the supply chain including in the recycling process.

Arizona Farming Business Makes the Semifinals of Nationwide Innovation Challenge


The urban aquaponics fish and produce business now wait to hear if they become one of four finalists who will compete at AFBF’s Annual Meeting this January in New Orleans.

Don't Spread Infections, Wash Your Hands


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Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Ray Alcaida


Ray Alcaida was a long-time member and supporter of Arizona Farm Bureau.

Arizona’s Pork Story Can’t Be Told Without Tom Miller


According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Arizona’s pork industry ranges from a low of $33 million in cash receipts (2017) to as high as $60 million.

After 100 Years, Victory Declared Over a Really Bad Bug


The attack was persistent, relentless, methodical and annually cost tens of millions of dollars and spread to other states.

We Have a Lot of Possibilities with Pork!


We have so many recipes on Arizona Farm Bureau's Fill Your Plate, we can't count them!

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Klingenberg Family


Klingenberg bought his first field of 40 acres in 1965 and continued to work for Valley Seed for 14 years.

Water Planning is Messy, as it Should Be


For thousands of years, agriculture has moved this state forward and never more efficiently than today

Let's Talk Agriculture at the Fence Line


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From Seed to Shining Seed


Do you know where all the seeds to plant crops come from? Arizona farmers grow seeds for broccoli, onions, cauliflower, lettuce, okra, artichoke, grasses, and more! Arizona seed companies export 130 types of seeds to 59 countries around the globe.

Turf's Up!


Bet you didn't think of grass, or turf, as an agriculture crop.

Hunting Protects Wildlife


Because of good management of the land, farmers and ranchers support wildlife.

We're Hot Hot Hot about Arizona Chili Peppers!


In the farming industry, the genetic origins for 80 to 90 percent of the chilis grown commercially in the U.S. can be traced back to one farm in Arizona.

We're Crazy for Arizona Cantaloupe


Arizona is really good at growing sweet cantaloupe. Here's our story

We're High on Arizona Hemp!


Hemp holds great potential for Arizona’s agricultural industry.

Arizona's Pistachio Story


Cochise County in southeast Arizona grows lots of pistachio trees for the tasty healthy nut by the same name.

Arizona Has Pecan Power!


Arizona is home to the largest irrigated Pecan farm. And, pecans can be a nutritious addition to your diet.

We're Sweet on Honey!


Arizona is home to some great honey beekeepers catering to the local market.

Celebrating Arizona's Award-Winning Wines!


Arizona wine wins locally and internationally!

Drink Milk, Get Strong, Stay Healthy!


Our Dairy farmers drink milk. They know the health benefits of a tall cold glass.

Dairy and Beef Cattle: Breeds Apart


Dairy cattle are bred and raised for their ability to produce milk and beef cattle are mainly raised for meat.

Arizona's Urbane Urban Farmers


Haven't met any of Arizona's Urban farmers even though you get to the farmers' markets?

Arizona Agriculture's Faces of Farming and Ranching


Here are some of Arizona farming's farmers and ranchers. From all backgrounds, starting points, and destinations.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s William Stambaugh


In over 50 years Bill never missed a Pinal County Fair Junior Livestock Auction.

Video: You Get a Taste of History with Our Arizona Ancient Grains


Ancient grains that originated in the Fertile Crescent are grown and processed by Arizona farm families today!

Video: We Grow Celebrity Wheat in Arizona


Arizona grows world-renowned wheat, Desert Durum ®! Because of its consistent quality, our Desert Durum® keeps global markets coming back for more.

Video: The Ag products Arizona Ships Around the Globe


Arizona exports cotton, fruits, vegetables, beef, dairy and seeds to over 70 countries including Canada and Mexico.

Neonicotinoids Don't Harm Bees When Used Right


Years of monitoring show proper use of neonicotinoids doesn’t harm bees.

Video: When You Waste Food, You Waste Water


If you calculate the water it took to grow the food on your plate, you’re typically eating nearly 2,000 gallons of water a day.

Food Safety is a Priority for our Farmers and Ranchers


Arizona families and Americans across the country would be pleased to discover that our produce farmers in Arizona and California take food safety very seriously.

Agriculture in Arizona: What's Out There


Arizona is more than tourism and cactus. Our diversity of farming and ranching helps make our state's agriculture worth $23.3 billion!

We Celebrate Arizona Pork


In 2016, Arizona produced nearly $50 million worth of pork. We produce a high-quality pork that's healthy and tasty.

Cattle and Wildlife Hang out Together, Video


Some of the simplest strategies created and maintained by ranchers benefit wildlife and cattle.

Biotech is Big Time in Arizona!


Arizona agriculture's three biotech crops are cotton, corn, and alfalfa.

Farming is a Family Affair: The Kerr Family


We profile another Arizona agriculture family, the Kerrs. This family from Maricopa County's West Valley run a dairy. You'll love their story.

Our Business is Growing!


Part of Arizona agriculture's robust economy is because of the plant nursery sector. Here, we profile one Arizona family operating in a generational business.

The Med Diet in the Desert


Our latest video telling Arizona agriculture’s story highlights our diverse farming and ranching in Arizona.

Arizona Agriculture is $23.3 Billion of Beautiful!


With the latest economic survey on Arizona agriculture (November 2017), we can announce that agriculture in this desert state is $23.3 Billion.

Who Uses Water? We All Do!


Agriculture uses lots of water. But, the ultimate user is you and me.

Get the Buzz on Bees!


Honey bees are important.

Trade Talks


We love and celebrate local. But agriculture also needs global trade.

We Pesticide to Our Health Daily!


In everyday life, we're using pesticides to protect our health. Can you guess what they are? In fact, the everyday pesticide footprint is bigger than agriculture's pesticide footprint.

Eggcellent Power Packed Protein!


Economical power packed protein exists in the delightful egg! Plus, egg yolks are one of the few foods that are a naturally good source of Vitamin D.

We're Loco about Local


Arizona agriculture is excited about local food and we produce it daily not only for our statewide farmer's markets but in our grocery stores.

Educational Farming Company. What’s that?


The Educational Farming Company is an organization that champions agriculture in Arizona by promoting efforts to develop youth, teach agriculture in Arizona’s classrooms and informs the public about farming and ranching.

The Prime Line Up!


The prime industries, agriculture, forestry, mining, and fishing, mean the rest of our industries can exist. We need raw materials to thrive. We need agriculture in America.

Farming is a Family Affair: The Rogers Family


99% of our farms and ranches are family owned and operated. Here, you'll meet the Rogers Family from Arizona.

7 Tips to Ensure You’ll Drink the Wine You Like


In Arizona, it’s not unusual to end up talking to the wine-maker and owners of some of our state’s most fabulous wines.

Organic and Conventional Farming: More alike than Different


We celebrate small and large farms in Arizona, organic and conventional. We celebrate it all because we need it all.

Ranching is a Family Affair: The Smallhouse Family


Farming and ranching is a family affair. No wonder, since 99% of the farms and ranches in America are family owned and operated.

Arizona is Sweet on Sweet Corn


Arizona is good at growing really sweet sweet corn.

Unmasking the Face of Corporate Farming


It takes a lot of produce, chickens, and cows, and pigs to feed you and me. So, we've built bigger barns.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Emil Rovey Family


In agriculture circles, we often say at least one Rovey will be at an upcoming agriculture or Farm Bureau meeting. And, once you read Emil Rovey’s story, you’ll understand why.

Membership Matters: Ford Safe Driving Tour


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Arizona Agriculture in 3 Minutes


The $23.3 billion Arizona agriculture industry is diverse and represents crop and animal agriculture. In fact, we call this desert state a "nutrition state."

Arizona Agriculture in 60 Seconds


Arizona agriculture is a $23.3 billion industry and we can show it to you in 60 seconds!

Arizona Agriculture in 30 Seconds


Arizona agriculture is a $23.3 billion industry in our desert state. So diverse and robust we call it the Nutrition State! And, we give you a 30-second glance with this video.

Farm Bureau Gets You Time


Time has become so valuable in our lives and that’s where Farm Bureau comes in for Arizona's farmers and ranchers.

Arizona Beef: A Leading Ag Commodity


Arizona beef is a top agriculture commodity for our state.

Farm Bureau Membership Protects You and Arizona Agriculture


Arizona Farm Bureau membership dollars benefit You and Arizona Agriculture ... even if you're not an Arizona Farm Bureau member. Join the Farm Bureau family and ensure agriculture stays in our beautiful state.

Fighting Hunger in Arizona with Agriculture's Help


Arizona has ranked 10th nationally in food insecurity but dropped to 12th in a recent study; we are still 6th in the country for child food insecurity.

You're an Annual Meeting Delegate, Now What!?


Arizona Delegates from County Farm Bureaus around the state discuss and vote on policies that lead Farm Bureau’s work on key issues that will impact agriculture.

The Story of Arizona Chili Peppers Can't Be Told without Ed Curry


In the farming industry, the genetic origins for 80 to 90 percent of the chilis grown commercially in the U.S. can be traced back to Curry’s farm in Arizona.

October 2018 Arizona Agriculture


This issue is our election issue and we talk about hunger in Arizona.

September 2018 Arizona Agriculture


This issue we go to Arizona wine country and discover how our wine grape growers are crushing it!

August 2018 Arizona Agriculture


In this issue, we discuss Food Safety's Farm to Food Continuum with a food safety expert.

May 2018 Arizona Agriculture


This issue we discuss Arizona's local markets with Kimber Lanning

April 2018 Arizona Agriculture


This issue we talk markets and trade with Eric Wilkey

2018 Fall CHOICES


Don't California Arizona with Higher Energy Bills

Arizonans Need to Vote No on Prop 127 to Keep Electrical Rates Affordable


An average 2,200-cow Arizona dairy can easily run annual energy bills of $500,000. Proposition 127, on this year’s ballot, could easily end up adding another $200,000 to a dairy farmer’s energy bill to run his dairy and keep his cows comfortable.

Guess What 2018 Candidates Are Saying about Arizona Agriculture


With the General Election only a few short weeks away, the Arizona Farm Bureau reached out to candidates in key races to solicit their response to our 2018 General Election Candidate Questionnaire.

2018 Fall Pumpkin and Corn Maze Festivals


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Food Safety Fact Sheet


The food farmers grow for you, they feed to their own families.

Crushing Arizona’s Wine Grapes


Arizonans annually drink 19.2 million gallons of wine. In 2016, Arizona wine growers produced no more than 190,008 gallons. This means our local winemakers have the potential to crush a lot more grapes.

Arizona is Good at Growing Melons


Because of our 300-plus days of super sunshine in Arizona, cantaloupe and honeydew melons can be harvested in the spring and fall.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Jeannette Fish


For dedication and service to Maricopa County farmers and Farm Bureau over the past 20 years, Jeannette Fish received the Distinguished Service to Agriculture award from Maricopa County Farm Bureau and also Arizona Farm Bureau in 2015.

We're High on Hemp!


We're high on Hemp but it's not what you think!

Make your Own Lunchables


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Arizona’s Pistachio Story


Cochise County produces lots of wine grapes, pecans, and pistachios.

Arizona Farm Bureau Annual Meeting


97th Annual Meeting in Mesa, AZ Mesa Convention Center

Want a Date?


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Pecan Power in Arizona Farming


We celebrate Arizona agriculture in all its forms. Pecans are just one of those special crops we grow in this desert state.

Farmers and Ranchers Dig Deep


Sacrifice carries deep meaning but for military families it’s routine.

Racin' Bacon Derby Dinner!


Come join us for some fun and exciting activities!

Greenlee County Annual Meeting


Discussion of issues facing Agriculture locally and throughout our State.

Food Safety’s Farm-to-Fork Continuum


Everyone in the farm-to-fork continuum should keep documentation for one-step back and one-step forward, meaning that they know who they received the product from and they know who they gave it to, the food supply chain.