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Spring/Summer Choices 2020


Spring/Summer Choices 2020

Winter CHOICES 2020


Winter CHOICES 2020

Fall CHOICES 2019


Fall CHOICES 2019

Three Reasons Arizona Wine is so Special


The 2020 Arizona agriculture wine grape harvest is kicking into high gear with some wine grapes already harvested.

COVID-19 is Nothing to Sneeze At


In these times of the pandemic and economic challenges, it is comforting to remember and recite the Serenity Prayer.

Trich Rule Becomes Official


The Arizona Department of Agriculture has finalized a rule governing trichomoniasis testing and ontrol.

Senate GOP Unveils $20B Coronavirus Relief Package for Agriculture


Senate Republicans have released a Coronavirus relief package that would give the USDA an additional $20 billion to aid in relief for agricultural producers.

Mystery Seeds Not Fake News: Here’s What to Do


While we didn’t need another thing to be alarmed by in 2020, the idea of an unknown, invasive, possibly noxious species being sent to American households certainly gives us one.

Arizona Farmers and Ranchers Tell You Why It's Time for Solid Rural Broadband Connections


Arizona’s Farmers and ranchers depend on broadband just as they do highways and railways to ship food and fiber across the country and around the world.

2020 Primary Candidate Survey Responses Now Available!


Whether you’re mailing in your ballot or have plans to visit your polling place, we know you probably have questions about the important races in your district.

Farm Bureau Applauds NEPA Reforms


Helpful modifications to outdated NEPA regulations should lead to more streamlined land improvement projects, saving time and money for Arizona farmers and ranchers.

Arizona’s Fire Season is a Hot One


Fire can be an important tool for resource management.

Navigating the Last Food Mile


Have you ever considered the last food mile?

USMCA Implementation Is Here


This agreement will set the stage for future trade agreements.

House Passes SBA Paycheck Protection Program Extension


The House and Senate have passed an extension for the application deadline for the PPP. Originally set to send June 30, this bill will move the end date to August 8.

Grill-Ready for the 4th of July!


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Arizona Farmers and Ranchers Can Apply Online for CFAP


All USDA Service Centers are open for business, including some that are open to visitors to conduct business in person by appointment only.

Arizona’s Public Lands: Let’s Support the Ranchers in Keeping them Pristine


Ranching and recreating must work hand in hand for everyone using the lands to get along.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Dr. Poudel


She might not be a generational farmer from Arizona, but she is a generational farmer from Nepal.

Arizona's Food System Response to COVID-19: Lessons Learned


This 2-hour panel provides a detailed about of just what happened to Arizona's very complex food system during the early days of the Pandemic.

More Toilet Paper is Coming


According to Nielsen data for the three-week period of Feb. 28 to March 21, Americans spent more than $1.4 billion on toilet paper.

Can you Name Arizona's Top Agriculture Commodities?


We call ourselves "The Nutrition State" in this desert state.

Eat More Arizona Grown Beans!


In Arizona, our pinto bean farmers help us eat healthily.

EIDL Reopened to All Eligible Small Businesses and Non-Profits


If your farm is eligible for this low-interest disaster assistance loan, you have another chance to apply.

Meet Arizona Agriculture's Richard Rogers


He reminisces on the path of starting the Arizona Young Farmers and Ranchers program and some of the biggest changes to him in agriculture over the last 80 years.

Arizona’s Food Bank Programs Partner with Farmers and Ranchers


To date, under the Friends of the Farm program nearly 250,000 pounds of Arizona-grown produce has been purchased from small farmers in Cochise, Maricopa, and Pima Counties.

Tell USDA that Alfalfa Needs COVID-19 Relief


Calling all alfalfa growers! USDA has opened a comment period for producers to submit data showing why their commodity should be eligible for CFAP direct payments.

EPA Offers Clarity on Dicamba Use in Light of Ninth Circuit Ruling


After the Ninth Circuit Court ruling effectively banned the use of three dicamba products, EPA offered clarity to farmers who already had those products on-hand.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Auza Family


Over most of her Farm Bureau involvement, Carmen’s leadership focus was on behalf of women in agriculture.

A Day of Marathon Hay Baling in Arizona


When you read this article, you’ll note quite a bit has changed in the way we grow and bale hay. The hard work and the dreams stay the same.

Newest Member Benefit: Dungarees


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Swipe Right and Meet Your Farmer


We are grateful for our farmers and ranchers across the state growing and raising Arizona's vast variety of agriculture commodities.

UPDATE: President Signs Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act


The newly passed bill will make it easier for small businesses and other recipients of the PPP funding to qualify for forgiveness of the loans.

Arizona Entrepreneurs Addressing Farm and Rural Challenges Wanted


$145K in Startup Funds Available; Apply by July 31

May 2020 Arizona Agriculture


How has Arizona Ag. survived the pandemic?

April 2020 Arizona Agriculture


How does COVID-19 affect Ag? Hear from the experts.

March 2020 Arizona Agriculture


Read about the new UArizona's New College of Veterinary Medicine.

February 2020 Arizona Agriculture


Hear from Extension Researcher, Paul Brown, about his perspective on Arizona's climate.

A Message from Wyndham Hotels


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January 2020 Arizona Agriculture


Learn about our legislators' top priorities for the year!

November/December 2019 Arizona Agriculture


A foodie tells us about high flavor food profiles!

October 2019 Arizona Agriculture


George Ruyle discusses the University of Arizona's Natural Resource Users Law and Policy Center.

September 2019 Arizona Agriculture


Hear from one of Arizona's Wine Educators, Michael Pierce!

August 2019 Arizona Agriculture


Howard Buffet tells us about his humanitarian efforts and the importance of agriculture.

May 2019 Arizona Agriculture


Learn about the importance of Forest Health from our own Rep. Thorpe.

February 2019 Arizona Agriculture


Check out how to best celebrate Arizona Wine!

January 2019 Arizona Agriculture


Learn the legislators' 2019 top priorities!

November 2018 Arizona Agriculture


Learn about Arizona's Competitive Grocery Market.

April 2019 Arizona Agriculture


Learn about wild horses from an expert!

March 2019 Arizona Agriculture


Hear from the UArizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dean Burgess.

USDA Announces $1 Billion for Rural Businesses and Agricultural Producers


The USDA announced it will provide $1 billion in guaranteed loans for rural businesses and agricultural producers who do not qualify for FSA loans.

Arizona's 2020 Legislative Session Concludes


A session marked with twists and turns is over. Find out how agriculture fared in the 2020 legislature.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Complete Clean Pledge


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UArizona College of Veterinary Medicine Admits First Class


the College of Veterinary Medicine received 518 applications and interviewed 244 applicants to fill 110 seats.

Making the Transition from Forests to Farms


Kimberly-Clark wants to source 90% of fiber used in its tissue products from environmentally preferred fiber sources by 2025 and working with farmers in Arizona and across the U.S. will get it closer to that goal.

Put Pork on the Menu: It's Healthy!


Nutrient-rich, pork is versatile, affordable and delicious. Arizona raises yummy pork!

We Were Local When Local Wasn’t Cool


And while local ag markets have had ebbs and flows, a resurgence of a broader local Arizona ag market took place in the early 1990s.

USDA Announces Sign-Up Date for CFAP Payments


Producers can begin signing up for CFAP direct payments on Tuesday, May 26.

FMCSA Finalizes New HOS Rules


New final rules from FMCSA may help alleviate transportation burdens on ag products.

A Conversation with a Sommelier: Richard Poole


Wine can only get better as farmer entrepreneurs and scientists take a lot of the art and turn it into science.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Sherrie Hanna


Hanna sits on numerous boards and supports many community organizations, including Yavapai County Farm Bureau.

I Sometimes Cry Over Spilled Milk


All hands were on deck to try to mitigate the lost outlets for milk by concentrating on new or expanded outlets including more milk to school lunch sites and more milk and dairy to the food banks.

Support AZFB Membership Benefit Providers


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The Value of Arizona Young Farmers and Ranchers


The Arizona Young Farmers and Ranchers (YF&R) program has a long history of creating future agriculture leaders and building friendships that last a lifetime.

Farming is a Family Affair: The Button Family


Arizona Farm Bureau members from the beginning, Ramona and Terry Button had a dream and today the dream is realized.

Thousands Distributed to Food Banks in Arizona and California


Farm Credit West distributed $4,000 grants to thirty food banks throughout the regions in which they operate.

USDA Reminds Arizona Farmers to Complete Crop Acreage Reports


USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) offices in Arizona are currently open to phone and virtual appointments.

Ag Finally Included in SBA Emergency Loans


U.S. Small Business Administration Administrator Jovita Carranza announced today that agricultural businesses are now eligible for SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and EIDL Advance programs.

Membership Matters:  Creating a Login


Membership Monday

Employers may have Opportunity under CARES Act for Refundable Tax Credit


The refundable tax credit is equal to 50% of qualified wages paid to employees after March 12, 2020, and before January 1, 2021.

Arizona Farm Bureau Sends a Letter to the Governor’s Office Advocating for Wine Tasting Rooms


Non-Essential Retail Agriculture Operations have been hurting like so many small businesses.

Arizona Agriculture's Ag Experts Talk about COVID19


"Our health, our security, our liberty and freedom depend on our ability to feed ourselves."

USDA Opens Proposal Period for Farmers to Families Food Box Program


Last week, USDA opened up the solicitation period of the “Farmers to Families Food Box Program.” Here's what we know about the program so far.

Congress Passes Additional Small Business Relief


Congress has approved an additional $310 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program. Talk to your bank today if your business could benefit!

$10 Million Awarded to Central Arizona for Conserving Ag Water


This $10 million award is part of more than $200 million in partner-driven natural resource conservation projects funded through RCPP.

Get Your Applications Ready - Paycheck Protection Program Recharged!


Congress is expected to add $310 billion to the popular Paycheck Protection Program Loan fund for small business, but the money will go fast.

USDA Releases Details of Coronavirus Relief Package


Though short on specifics, we now know the outline of the relief package that USDA has crafted with more than $23 billion dollars allocated in the CARES Act.

Groundwater and Surface Water Regulated Differently: What about Subflow?


As with so much else in Arizona water law, however, the ongoing stream adjudications have blurred the distinction between ground and surface water in a significant way, through the concept of subflow.

Meet UArizona's Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine


For every student dreaming of a career in veterinary medicine, the Doctor's insights here should not only inspire consideration but motivate you to jump in firmly with both feet.

COVID-19 Pandemic Causing a Downward Spiral in Arizona's Crop and Livestock Prices


The pain is being felt in all agriculture commodities in Arizona and throughout the Country.

Members Save with Air Med Care Network


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Communicating COVID19 Farm Safety and Farm Worker Health on the Farm


Here’s what our Arizona farmers and ranchers are doing to ensure healthy environments for farm workers.

Arizona Farm Bureau Loses Another Fearless Leader: Arthur Pacheco


Arthur Pacheco probably represents one of the oldest farm family histories in Arizona.

Three Insider Tips to Surviving online Learning and Conference Calls


Zoom and Panopto have viewer statistics and attendance data the online providers can review after the course.

Governor Ducey has issued a “stay home” order for AZ – what does it mean for AZ Agriculture’s families?


Food production, distribution, and sale are all defined as essential infrastructure operations, and food production, processing, cultivation, and manufacturing are defined as essential business operations.

Governor Ducey Announces Funding to Support Vulnerable Arizonans During Pandemic


Arizona Farm Bureau Partners with Governor’s Office to Ensure our Small Retail Farmers Can Support Arizona Food Banks with fresh, Healthy farm products.

We Can Live Without Celebrities, Not Farmers: Experts in Ag Discuss COVID-19 Impact


Rain or Shine or Virus, Farms and Ranches Supply Our Food Needs.

COVID-19 Resources


COVID-19 has significantly affected the entire world and every sector of industry.