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Classic Arizona Thanksgiving Dinner Up 10% This Year


As Arizonans sit down at the Thanksgiving table to dig into the traditional feast this year, the turkey dinner with all the trimmings will cost $47.02 for an Arizona family of 10, or around $4.70 per person.

National Alliance Unveils Climate Policy Recommendations that Hopefully Produce Positive Results for Arizona and American Agriculture


Together, the group developed more than 40 recommendations based on three principles: agricultural and forestry climate policies must be built upon voluntary, incentive-based programs and market-driven opportunities; they must promote resilience and adaptation in rural communities, and they must be science-based.

National Leader Shares Her Passion for Volunteerism


"I am absolutely passionate about helping women "find their voice" when it comes to being spokespersons for farmers and ranchers," says Sherry Saylor.

Webinar Wednesday Series This Week Focuses on the 2020 Election


Still trying to decipher all the election results? So are we! Join us on Wednesday at 10:00 and 12:00 to hear from experts on both sides of the aisle as we discuss what happens next in light of the 2020 Election Results.

Pest Prevention with Truly Nolen


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The Faces of Arizona Farm Bureau's Volunteer Leaders


Our farm and ranch leaders help drive the success of this organization.

Webinar Wednesday Series Features AZFB President and Former Google Executive Next


Second in the series, two featured speakers include the Arizona Farm Bureau President and a former Google Executive.

Arizona Medjool Dates, A Natural Delight


Often, Medjool dates do not receive the credit they deserve as a healthy fruit.

Harkins Welcomes You Back!


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So You Voted, Now What?


Your civic involvement doesn’t end after you vote. IF you’re serious about politics and Arizona’s future take advantage of the advocacy, outreach and educational opportunities Farm Bureau offers.

Arizona's Agritourism has Growth Potential


Arizona and other western states are lucky to be able to have the “welcome” signs out in mid-winter. Our allows families to search for farms they can visit.

Webinar Wednesday Kickoff: All About Livestock Issues


The first of our Webinar Wednesday series is designed not only to give our members helpful information about pressing issues in the livestock industry but also to help our delegates prepare for what’s sure to be a lively discussion on the delegate floor.

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10 Reasons to Join Arizona Farm Bureau’s Webinar Wednesdays Series


Every Wednesday between November 4 and December 16, we’ll bring you live virtual workshops covering all the topics you’re used to seeing at our Annual Meeting.

Things Only Farm Kids Know


Prior to an interview with Arizona Farm Bureau’s Julie Murphree on “Talk to a Farmer”, I decided to ask my husband, my sister-in-law and my siblings what they thought were unique to our type of upbringing and what farm kids know that kids off the farm might not know.

Devastating Drought This Year Makes Federal Rangeland and Forage Insurance Critical for Arizona Ranchers


This program is an opportunity for you to protect your ranch and protect it well, especially for the next generation.

Webinar Wednesdays: Coming Soon to a Computer Near You!


Every Wednesday between November 4 and December 16, we’ll bring you live virtual workshops covering topics critical to your business.

Free Webinar: Former Google Executive To Give Insights on Consumer Behavior


Steve Lerch, an award-winning public speaker and consultant, and a highly respected voice in the world of digital strategy, marketing, consumer behavior, innovation, and leadership to speak to Farm Bureau leadership.

Case IH Spooky Savings and Coloring Pages!


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Arizona and California Expecting Record Pistachio Harvest


Trade association unveils huge advertising/marketing efforts in the U.S. and abroad.

The Complexity Resiliency and Strength of America’s Food Supply


For a moment imagine a world where that food supply came exclusively from a different country and whether we would have witnessed the same resiliency.

Wednesday Webinar Series


Wednesday Webinar Series

Propositions 207 and 208: Arizona Farm Bureau Weighs In


Arizona Farm Bureau opposes both Proposition 207 and Proposition 208. Here's why.

A Conversation about Arizona’s Local Beef Market: Matt Herrington


This year’s policy development process with Arizona's county Farm Bureaus reflects the various issues impacting Arizona’s beef industry.

Fall Pumpkin and Corn Maze Festivals


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Arizona Agriculture is serious about our Agritourism


Arizona’s agritourism industry is growing and as of the 2017 census data, it accounted for about $14 million in sales.

Four Tips When Buying Local Beef


The pandemic of 2020 changed multiple things including the way we purchase beef.

AgPAC Announces Federal Endorsements


AgPAC of the Arizona Farm Bureau is proud to endorse seven candidates running for a spot in Arizona's federal delegation.

Thousands of Miles Temporarily Exchanged for Thousands of Telephone Calls


In any given year, the Outreach Team logs 25,000 to 35,000 miles on Arizona roads traveling to county board meetings, county Annual meetings and our state’s farms and ranches.

Helping to Mark the Monarch as Thriving, Not Endangered


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is currently in the process of evaluating whether to list the monarch as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and is required to decide by December 15, 2020.

Winter 2020 CHOICES


Winter CHOICES 2020

A Conversation with an Environmental Engineer: Dyan McGrath


Dr. McGrath comes from good stock; I think she can handle just about anything. Somehow, I think her mom and dad let her eat a little dirt, I certainly know she had to shovel it!

Keep Your Tires in Check and Save!


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CHOICES Fall 2020


CHOICES Fall 2020

Arizona Ag is a Risky Business and Life, So What Else is New!?


According to 24/7 Wall St. and their review of the Bureau of Labor Statistics data, farmers and ranchers work in an even more dangerous environment than firefighters, the police and linemen.

Arizona Agriculture Moves the State's Economy!


Arizona agriculture helps move our state's economy!

Arizona Agriculture is Hands On!


Whether someone is in animal agriculture or crop agriculture or both, farming and ranching are a hands-on career endeavor. You need to be present to be successful.

Arizona Agriculture is Always on The Move


Arizona agriculture is constantly on the move, making food and fiber for you.

CFAP 2: Sign-Up Opens September 21


USDA opened a second round of CFAP payments that reaches more Arizona commodities with needed relief from COVID-related market disruptions.

Say It With Flowers And Save


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Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Barnard Family


Like so many of our farm and ranch families in Arizona, they have a story to tell they didn’t realize needed telling.

The Importance of Life Insurance


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The Most Important Election of Your Lifetime (For Real This Time)


There are many reasons this election holds so much weight.

AgPAC Announces Endorsements for 2020 General Election


Arizona's Agricultural Political Action Committee has announced who it will endorse in the upcoming election.

How Arizona’s Dairy Farms, Food Banks and Schools Work Together in Response to COVID-19


Today’s webinar, hosted by Arizona Farm Bureau Federation, Local First Arizona and Squire Patton Boggs, allowed participants to peer into the food supply chain from a very unique and important perspective: dairy, food banks and our schools.

We ACEed It!


Annually for the past few years we’ve been sharing your ACEs: Advocacy, Communication and Education.

Frozen Yogurt VS Ice Cream


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How the Food Supply Chain Survived the Early Days of the 2020 Pandemic


Talented people working up and down the supply chain found creative solutions to keep meat -and other consumer goods - available to consumers when panic buying hit its peak in the early days of the pandemic.

AZ Foodie Loco about Local Arizona Agriculture


Arizona's foodie influencer "Az Foodie" loves our Arizona restaurant scene. She also loves our Farmers and Ranchers. Find out who she's cooking within the kitchen.

Arizona Agriculture is 24/7


In farming and ranching? Then you know the hours are almost 24/7. It's an ongoing commitment. If the job needs doing in the middle of the night, it gets done.

Arizona Agriculture is High Tech


Modern agriculture can show it's high tech status in a number of ways including improved precision agriculture, various irrigation methods, seed technology, and much much more!

Home Improvement During Quarantine


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USDA Announces New Eligible Commodities and Extended Deadline for COVID Relief


USDA has made its final amendment to the first round of CFAP payments.

Spring/Summer Choices 2020


Spring/Summer Choices 2020

Three Reasons Arizona Wine is so Special


The 2020 Arizona agriculture wine grape harvest is kicking into high gear with some wine grapes already harvested.

COVID-19 is Nothing to Sneeze At


In these times of the pandemic and economic challenges, it is comforting to remember and recite the Serenity Prayer.

Trich Rule Becomes Official


The Arizona Department of Agriculture has finalized a rule governing trichomoniasis testing and ontrol.

Senate GOP Unveils $20B Coronavirus Relief Package for Agriculture


Senate Republicans have released a Coronavirus relief package that would give the USDA an additional $20 billion to aid in relief for agricultural producers.

Mystery Seeds Not Fake News: Here’s What to Do


While we didn’t need another thing to be alarmed by in 2020, the idea of an unknown, invasive, possibly noxious species being sent to American households certainly gives us one.

Arizona Farmers and Ranchers Tell You Why It's Time for Solid Rural Broadband Connections


Arizona’s Farmers and ranchers depend on broadband just as they do highways and railways to ship food and fiber across the country and around the world.

2020 Primary Candidate Survey Responses Now Available!


Whether you’re mailing in your ballot or have plans to visit your polling place, we know you probably have questions about the important races in your district.

Farm Bureau Applauds NEPA Reforms


Helpful modifications to outdated NEPA regulations should lead to more streamlined land improvement projects, saving time and money for Arizona farmers and ranchers.

Arizona’s Fire Season is a Hot One


Fire can be an important tool for resource management.

Navigating the Last Food Mile


Have you ever considered the last food mile?

USMCA Implementation Is Here


This agreement will set the stage for future trade agreements.

House Passes SBA Paycheck Protection Program Extension


The House and Senate have passed an extension for the application deadline for the PPP. Originally set to send June 30, this bill will move the end date to August 8.

Grill-Ready for the 4th of July!


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Arizona Farmers and Ranchers Can Apply Online for CFAP


All USDA Service Centers are open for business, including some that are open to visitors to conduct business in person by appointment only.

Arizona’s Public Lands: Let’s Support the Ranchers in Keeping them Pristine


Ranching and recreating must work hand in hand for everyone using the lands to get along.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Dr. Poudel


She might not be a generational farmer from Arizona, but she is a generational farmer from Nepal.

Arizona's Food System Response to COVID-19: Lessons Learned


This 2-hour panel provides a detailed about of just what happened to Arizona's very complex food system during the early days of the Pandemic.

More Toilet Paper is Coming


According to Nielsen data for the three-week period of Feb. 28 to March 21, Americans spent more than $1.4 billion on toilet paper.

Can you Name Arizona's Top Agriculture Commodities?


We call ourselves "The Nutrition State" in this desert state.

Eat More Arizona Grown Beans!


In Arizona, our pinto bean farmers help us eat healthily.

EIDL Reopened to All Eligible Small Businesses and Non-Profits


If your farm is eligible for this low-interest disaster assistance loan, you have another chance to apply.

Meet Arizona Agriculture's Richard Rogers


He reminisces on the path of starting the Arizona Young Farmers and Ranchers program and some of the biggest changes to him in agriculture over the last 80 years.

Arizona’s Food Bank Programs Partner with Farmers and Ranchers


To date, under the Friends of the Farm program nearly 250,000 pounds of Arizona-grown produce has been purchased from small farmers in Cochise, Maricopa, and Pima Counties.

Tell USDA that Alfalfa Needs COVID-19 Relief


Calling all alfalfa growers! USDA has opened a comment period for producers to submit data showing why their commodity should be eligible for CFAP direct payments.

EPA Offers Clarity on Dicamba Use in Light of Ninth Circuit Ruling


After the Ninth Circuit Court ruling effectively banned the use of three dicamba products, EPA offered clarity to farmers who already had those products on-hand.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Auza Family


Over most of her Farm Bureau involvement, Carmen’s leadership focus was on behalf of women in agriculture.

A Day of Marathon Hay Baling in Arizona


When you read this article, you’ll note quite a bit has changed in the way we grow and bale hay. The hard work and the dreams stay the same.

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Swipe Right and Meet Your Farmer


We are grateful for our farmers and ranchers across the state growing and raising Arizona's vast variety of agriculture commodities.

UPDATE: President Signs Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act


The newly passed bill will make it easier for small businesses and other recipients of the PPP funding to qualify for forgiveness of the loans.

Arizona Entrepreneurs Addressing Farm and Rural Challenges Wanted


$145K in Startup Funds Available; Apply by July 31

May 2020 Arizona Agriculture


How has Arizona Ag. survived the pandemic?

April 2020 Arizona Agriculture


How does COVID-19 affect Ag? Hear from the experts.

March 2020 Arizona Agriculture


Read about the new UArizona's New College of Veterinary Medicine.

February 2020 Arizona Agriculture


Hear from Extension Researcher, Paul Brown, about his perspective on Arizona's climate.

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