September 2021 Webinar Wednesday-Recruiting NEW Members

Liz Foster, Maricopa County Farm Bureau joins us this month to share her experience and share ways for counties to beef up their membership.


July 2021 Webinar Wednesday -The Freshman 55

Three freshmen from the Arizona Legislature give a session wrap-up and talk about the importance of grassroots engagement at the Capitol. 

June 2021 Webinar Wednesday - Drones

The Latest Drone Technology for Ag Use, Provided by Vantage UAV

May 2021 Webinar Wednesday

Agricultural Dust Outreach-with ADEQ guests Madeline Greenbaum and Luke Messer

April 2021 Webinar Wednesday

Arizona Farm Bureau Transportation Handbook-Updates and Need-to-Know!

March 2021 Webinar Wednesday

Advocate From the Farm Gate: Using Social Media to Tell YOUR Story and Be Heard!

February 2021 Webinar Wednesday

Bridging the Generations in Farm Bureau

January 2021  Webinar Wednesday

Leadership Succession Planning for County Farm Bureaus

Ag Fest 2021 Virtual Kickoff

AZFB Webinar Wednesdays Series (November and December 2020)

Farm Bureau Financial Services: Programs Update and 2020 Year in Review

USDA Farm Service Agency Programs Update

Arizona Groundwater Issues: A Panel Discussion 

State Elections Update: A "Red/Blue" Perspective with Jason Barraza and Matt Benson of Veridus, LLC

Federal Elections Update with Stan Barnes, Copper State Consulting

Arizona Farm Bureau President Stefanie Smallhouse's Welcome and Report, 2020

Livestock Working Group Report Webinar

Arizona Game & Fish Discussion with Commissioner Kurt Davis

September 2020 Webinar

How Arizona's Dairy Farms, Food Banks and Schools Work Together in Response to Covid-19

June 2020 Webinar

Arizona's Food System Response to COVID-19: Lessons Learned

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