AZFB AITC is excited to offer a variety of Virtual Ag Tours to introduce you and your students to Arizona's $23.3 billion ag industry. Whether we are learning about bees, cattle, cacti, produce, cotton, or other crops you will see that our Arizona farmers and ranchers are dedicated to their animals, the land, and to working hard every day to produce the Worlds' food and fiber! Each tour lasts approximately 45-55 minutes. Tours will continue through the 2023-2024 School Year. Be sure to follow us on social media to be the first to get the information on upcoming tours to join us live. All tours will be loaded here after the live tour. 

Join us as we visit with Cassy England of Sierra Farming to learn about cotton farming in Arizona!
Join us as we visit with Ben and Ashley Menges of the Menges Ranch in southeastern Arizona!
Join us as we visit with Amber Owens and learn about how pollen is collected to be used in allergy testing, shots, etc. 
Join us as we visit with Richie and Heather Kennedy of Casa Grande, AZ to learn about their family's 700 head goat farm!
Join us as we visit with Brookelyn Willis of The Willis Farm as we learn all about pumpkins!
Join us as we visit with Ashlee Mortimer of Mortimer Farms to learn all about the blackberries and strawberries they grow on their farm! Tour Time: 45 minutes!

Join us as we follow AZ Queen Bee into her hives and learn about the inner workings of a beehive. Have you ever bottled your own honey? This was our first time too!
Join us as we we meet with the Arizona Game and Fish to learn about what happens at their fish hatcheries across the state.
Join us as we go inside Bayer's Marana Greenhouse and learn about the science happening each and every day!
Join us as we visit with Stefanie Smallhouse at Carlink Ranch, a ranch in Redington, Arizona. This tour will expose you to not only cattle ranching but also gives you a first hand look into their saguaro cactus business. 
Join us as we visit with Arizona Cotton Farmer Adam Hatley and take a trip to Yuca Cotton Gin in Yuma Arizona. 
Join us as we visit with John Boelts, a produce farmer in Yuma, Arizona.
Join us as we visit with Sharla Mortimer of Mortimer Farms in Dewey, Arizona. From pumpkins to corn, to strawberries, to blackberries, to fresh veggies, they do it all!
Join us as we visit Riverview Dairy in Cochise County. 
Join us as we talk cotton with Nancy Caywood in Casa Grande, Arizona. 
Join us as we talk sustainability and ingenuity with Branden Hickman of Hickman Family Farms. Did you know that their dozen egg plastic container recycles 3 post consumer water bottles?! Learn this and more on this exciting tour!