Do you have a question about one of our programs or how to get signed up? Check out our frequently asked questions! If your question still has not been answered, reach out to us at aitc@azfb.org


How do I schedule a presentation? 
To schedule an AITC presentation reach out to us at scheduleaitc@azfb.org with your school name, the presentation you are looking for, one or more dates that will work for you and how many classes you are scheduling for along with the teacher names and grade levels. Please allow 24 hours for a response as our small team is out in the classrooms most days.

Can I schedule a presentation for more than one classroom? 
You sure can! The most we will schedule for one time slot is 2 classes. We prefer presentations be scheduled as close to back to back as possible. For example: if you have 4 kindergarten classes at your school wanting one of our 30-minute presentations we ask they you either send us a 30-minute time slot for each class OR send us two 30-minute time slots with the names of the teachers that are in each time slot. If we are doubling up classes we ask that the classes be in one room ready to go at the designated time. 

Can I schedule more than one presentation during the year?
We love when we get to interact with students multiple times throughout the school year. So yes, schedule away! We do ask that teachers do not schedule more than 1 presentation per quarter (outside of Ag Literacy Events) to allow opportunities for other school/teachers to schedule. 

What if I need to change the date of a presentations I scheduled?
We do our best to accommodate schedule changes. However, our calendar fills quickly and we might be unable to accommodate changes. We will work with teachers on an individual basis as situations arise. Be sure to check your school calendar for breaks and early release days prior to scheduling your presentations. Examples include Fall Break, Spring Break, etc. Reach out to us as soon as you know a change needs to be made!

How do I reserve a Curriculum Kit?
Curriculum Kits are available for check-out on a 2-4 week basis. We will only reserve 1 kit for each grade level. We ask that Grade Level Teams share the resources within the kit amongst their Teams. We encourage teachers to reserve the curriculum kits well in advance of their preferred date to allow for arrangements to be made. All Curriculum Kits are housed in our Gilbert Offices. Once a Curriculum Kit has been reserved it will be delivered to the School's Front Office on the arranged delivery date. We ask that all Curriculum Kits be waiting gin the School's Front Office for pick-up on the agreed upon date.

How do I schedule a STEM Night, Science Night, or Career Event Presentation?

Requests for participation in STEM Nights, Science Nights, and Career Events can be submitted to scheduleaitc@azfb.org. We will accommodate when we can! Please send the date of the event, the time of the event, location of the event, a description of the event, the approximate number of attendees, and how you would like us to participate (booth, presentation, etc).


What is included in a Curriculum Kit? 
Our commodity Curriculum Kits include a binder full of lesson plans in math, science, ELA, and social studies covering the specific commodity. Included in the kit is a wide variety of books, videos, and other resources to aide you as you make your way through the lessons. You will also find included in the kit all the materials needed to complete the lessons (perishable items are not included for obvious reasons and will need to be provided by the teacher)

What Curriculum Kits are available?
AITC offers Curriculum Kits covering pumpkins, apples, Arizona fruits and veggies, Arizona Five Cs, equine, sheep, cotton, cattle, dairy, plants, poultry, and energy and agriculture.

What do I need to do before returning a curriculum kit?
We ask that all Curriculum Kits be returned clean and inventoried. An inventory sheet is included with each Curriculum Kit and will help you as you gather all the materials for pick-up. Any non-consumable items missing from the kit at pick-up will be charged to the school and could make you ineligible from requesting kits in the future. 


Who will be giving my AITC presentation? 
All AITC presentations are administered by either Alicia or Katie. Ag Literacy presentations may be delivered by either Alicia, Katie, or our trained FFA Members. 

Can I request a specific presenter?
AITC will try and accommodate presenter requests when possible. Please keep in mind that our calendars fill quickly and all requests may not be possible.

What presentations are available?
In addition to our Ag Literacy Presentations there are several presentations offered through AITC. For a complete list of the presentations please visit the Presentation Page. 

What grade levels do your presentations cover?
Our AITC presentations provide engaging hands-on education for grades Kindergarten through college. Visit our Presentation Page for a detailed list of the presentations we provide. 

How do I know how long the presentation is?
Our presentations are 30, 45 or 55 minutes in length. Please visit or Presentation Page for times on specific presentations. 

Can I schedule AITC for a presentation on a day that I will have a sub? No! We ask that presentations be scheduled on days where the classroom teacher will be present. We find that our friends engage better when they are with their classroom teachers and understand their expectations.