Thanksgiving is usually a joyous occasion. I have always enjoyed getting to spend time with family and friends. Some of my favorite things about Thanksgiving include playing flag football before dinner, eating a turkey leg (yes, the whole turkey leg), watching the Cowboys play, and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

This year my family is opting to have a more sustainable and budget-friendly holiday celebration. The first, simple step is taking inventory of ingredients we currently have in our pantry and refrigerator. . Another way we are keeping the cost down is by looking through the grocery store circulars and doing some coupon clipping. Lastly, we have a potluck-style meal where we have our guests bring a dish to share. 


We’ve all noticed at the gas station and grocery store that inflation is at an all-time. According to Arizona Farm Bureau’s 2021 Thanksgiving market basket, the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal in Arizona is 5% higher than the previous year. To feed a family of 10, you can expect to pay around $49.62or $4.96 per person. 


 “Although we will be paying more for our Thanksgiving meal this year, it’s important to remember that Arizona's farmers and ranchers go to work every day to produce the highest quality and safest product for our Arizona families. You may be seeing a higher price in certain food groups in your local grocery store but the costs to produce those items has increased exponentially including fuel and transportation costs,” said Arizona Farm Bureau President Stefanie Smallhouse, a cattle rancher, alfalfa and specialty crop farmer from Pima County. “And because of the complexities of our food system, the average farmer is not generally getting more money for their product. Even with the increase in food costs, Arizonans will still be spending a smaller portion of their family budget on food than anywhere else in the world. We are privileged to provide the highest quality and diversity of food available to you in this season of Thanksgiving.”

We here at Arizona Farm Bureau value family and community. Have a wonderful holiday season.