By Linda Merrell, Greenlee County Farmer: There was never any question where Donald Merrell would purchase this first truck or what make it would be. He bought it from his Dad at Merrell Motors Ford Dealership in Duncan, Arizona. Fenly Merrell had the reputation of being honest and fair. He made it possible for a family man to have a way to work at the mine in Morenci forty miles away; a farmer to have a motorized “workhorse” to help grow and harvest his crop; a teenage kid to realize the thrill of a first car. Merrell Motors- a name you could trust, selling a Ford vehicle you could trust.

Donald Merrell and his Ford Pickup.

Merrell Motors is now a pleasant memory. Donald still lives in Duncan. He raises livestock on irrigated pasture where his current truck and daily companion is a 1998 Ford F-150. They have been together for 17 years and traveled very close to 500,000 miles.  During that time it’s been proven that both man and truck are built Ford Tough.  With a minimum of maintenance they just keep going.

The only question now is….with 2,000 miles to go, where will this man and truck be when the odometer turns to 5-0-0,-0-0-0? Will they be bringing a heifer and calf to the corral or feeding supplements? Will they be on a bumpy ranch road delivering animal AI (artificial incemination) supplies or at home checking a fence? Or will they be on the way to an Arizona Farm Bureau meeting?

Wherever it is, you can be sure that Donald will stop his trusty Ford truck and get out to take a “for posterity” picture.  Then he will smile, pat the hood, get back in the driver’s seat and….just keep going.

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