Arizona agriculture is a major economic driver for the state, and a major portion of the state's agricultural production is exported. According to the USDA in 2021, Arizona agriculture exports totaled $1.47 billion making our state the country’s 27th largest agricultural exporting state. Not too bad for a desert state.

The top export destinations for Arizona agriculture are Mexico, Canada, China, and Japan. 

Arizona's diverse and robust climate and soil conditions allow us to produce a wide variety of agricultural products, including citrus fruits, cotton, hay (mostly alfalfa), lettuce, melons, onions, pistachios, potatoes, and wheat. Plus, Arizona’s top agriculture commodities, beef, and dairy, are greatly dependent on alfalfa for feed. 

These products are in high demand around the world, and Arizona farmers and ranchers can compete on the global market thanks to their high-quality production standards.

Finally, the top agricultural exports from Arizona are vegetables (processed), other plant products, fresh vegetables, cotton, and dairy products. 

So ultimately, Arizona agriculture produces to sell its bounty, not keep it. This includes a robust export market.