By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau Communication Director: You’ve heard about Rhodes Scholars; have you ever heard of Nuffield Scholars? Nuffield Scholars represent a select group of farmers and ranchers from around the world that travel overseas on a research scholarship relating to agriculture.

Still curious? Here’s what E. Blake Vince, 2013 Scholar and cropping farmer from South Western Ontario in Canada had to say: “The minute I set my sights on becoming a Nuffield Scholar I knew that I wanted to participate in the Global Focus Program (GFP). The unique opportunity to travel as a team and learn as a collective group is priceless. We had a group that bonded and formed tight friendships that will endure the test of time. The GFP allows scholars to secure meetings that I believe would be difficult to achieve as an individual. We examined a varied cross section of diversified agriculture, visiting high-ranking government officials to primary producers and everything in between. This experience has made me realize how small the world is. Nuffield has given me the confidence to speak up as a respected leader in my profession.”

Considered the leading agricultural scholarship program worldwide, a Nuffield Farming Scholarship provides a unique opportunity for farmers to travel overseas for a minimum of 16 weeks on a research scholarship relating to agriculture. Nuffield awards approximately 60 scholarships annually and current participating countries include the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, France, The Netherlands and now the United States. Nuffield has been awarding scholarships for over 60 years and there are now approximately 1,600 scholars worldwide. Scholars are selected annually on merit for their commitment and passion for farming and are at the leading-edge of the technology uptake. Applicants do not need academic qualifications but need to persuade selectors they have the necessary qualities to make best use of the opportunity.

You Must Apply by Friday, November 6th

Applications have opened for the 2016 Nuffield International (TIAA-CREF) Scholarship, for a scholar from USA, Australia, Brazil or Europe, supported by TIAA-CREF.

For this scholarship, applicants must select one of six compulsory study topics. They include:

  • Farmland ownership/operating models
  •  Irrigation – utilization and water resources
  •  Farmland and operator returns
  • Institutional farmland investment
  • Farming and technology
  • Environmental and Social Governance – maintaining biodiversity, minimizing environmental impact, soil preservation.

The value of this scholarship is US$30,000 and the duration of study is 16 weeks over two years with flexibility provided.

The Nuffield Scholar Brochure is full of information that will help you decided if this scholarship program is for you.  The Nuffield Scholarship application must be filled out and submitted by November 6th

Remember, applications must close November 6th, 2015.

For further information contact Jean Lonie, Honorary U.S. Ambassador for Nuffield International Farming Scholars at 215.806.4805 or email her at Nuffield's website is

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