Yes, agriculture uses a lot of water. According to the Arizona Department of Water Resources, Arizona agriculture uses nearly 70% of our state’s water. Industrial and municipal use the rest.

But, there’s a lot of water in the food we eat and it takes water to grow it. Arizona agriculture has a much more storied relationship with water than many other sectors of the public. It’s a key input of farm and ranch production, and for all of agriculture, it matters that it falls somewhere in some form out of the sky.

Photo by Yuma Farmer Jonathan Dinsmore.

Much of Arizona water involves availability and costs of putting it on crops and livestock. Water is not just necessary, it’s on the operating statement as “water and/or power costs.”

In agriculture, we’re typically centered on our state’s water availability and how much water costs for agriculture to operate. In fact, we focus on three principal areas.

1.    I have it – but somebody else wants it.

2.    I am short on water – what are my opportunities and what are the costs?

3.    My costs are pushing water out of reach – what are my options?

The nearly 70% of water being used for agriculture is water that would otherwise be wasted or go unused.

Ultimately, Arizona agriculture grows for us all! So really, You and I are Arizona’s biggest Water Users.

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