Editor’s Note: In 2009, I ran this list of thanksgiving blessings on my personal blog, Julie’s Fresh Air. In the tradition of Thanksgiving, I’m repeating the Blessings list. Have I left anything off? Let me know! Happy Thanksgiving!

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau

  • When it comes to counting our blessings during the holiday season, agriculture dominates.
  • Jumped in the shower to get ready for work today? Give thanks to our Arizona farmers and ranchers who developed the infrastructure and put up their land as collateral to bring water to the desert.
  • Dried off with cotton towels? Give thanks to our cotton producers.
  • Selected an outfit? Give thanks to our fiber growers (cotton and wool producers).
  • Had eggs for breakfast? Give thanks to our egg producers. Specifically in Arizona, I give thanks to Hickman’s Family Farms. Don't forget our pork producers and wheat farmers and all those who contribute some kind of food item to one of the most important meals of the day. 
  • Had a glass of milk with that egg breakfast? Give thanks to our dairy producers.
  • Brushed those pearly whites? Give thanks to our ranchers for the livestock byproducts their cattle provide.
  • Besides Turkey, adding prime rib to the holiday feasts? Give thanks to our ranchers.
  • Watered the potted plants before heading out or readjusted the sprinklers for winter season watering on the landscaping? Give thanks to our nursery growers.
  • Planning to eat heartily during these holidays (I know I am)? Give thanks all to farmers and ranchers.
  • Simply thankful for every meal set before us while we consider these current economic times? Thank God, then give thanks to our farmers and ranchers.

No other industry dominates our daily product requirements like agriculture. And in America where our needs are so seamlessly met, it’s easy to forget our sources for such bounty. …Unless you’ve fallen on hard times … then somehow even the smallest offering becomes the greatest gift.

In this season of thanksgiving, I extend a sincere “thank you” to our agriculturalists and all those who contribute or are a part of this great industry.

P.S. Want to celebrate a heart of thanksgiving in a special way? Consider a donation to a food bank over the holidays?

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