Pinal County Farm Bureau has been giving back to their local food banks for 6 years and running.

By Amber Morin, Arizona Farm Bureau Field Manager: This March, Pinal County Farm Bureau not only hosted the buyers’ luncheon at the Pinal County Fair, but also purchased $3,000 worth of livestock and then proceeded to process and donate the meat back to local community organizations and food banks. This program helps the local Farm Bureau give back to their youth and their community. This year alone, five hogs, one lamb, and one veal was purchased for a total of 900 pounds of processed and donated meat.

Pinal County Supervisor (District 3) and Pinal County Farm Bureau Board member Steve Miller and Pinal County Farm Bureau President Richie Kennedy get ready to load hundreds of pounds of meat to give to selected Pinal County Food Banks. This ongoing program has meant a lot to the food banks that have benefited from it. 

“This program falls in line with our mission and allows us to help others in need with an agriculture product,” said Pinal County Farm Bureau President Richie Kennedy. “It is a win for everyone involved.”

Pinal County Farm Bureau has been purchasing 4-H and FFA livestock for the past six years. After the purchase and processing of the livestock, volunteers from Farm Bureau help in the delivery.  This year several county locations were reached including Pan de Vida, Youth Haven Ranch, Home of Hope, Seeds of Hope, and the Maricopa Food Bank. These organizations were chosen because of the Pinal County Farm Bureau’s effort to extend their reach within their community.

Pinal County Farm Bureau leadership deliver part of the 900 pounds of meat to Home of Hope. From left, Kiley Cirillo with Home of Hope, Maryeileen Flanagan, Rhonda Vanderslice, Carmen Auza, Diann Prechel, Richie Kennedy and Natalie Elliot also with Home of Hope.

Actions such as these make local Farm Bureaus a part of their community. It is not just the policy issues that Farm Bureau’s surface that matter, it is helping the less fortunate, and who better to do that then the people who produce food?

Pinal County Farm Bureau plans to continue this program and a special thanks goes out to the volunteer members who had a hand in making it a successful event.

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