Dreaming of a Green Christmas?

Dreaming of a Green Christmas?

Growing up in a farming family, everyone had an opinion about which brand of tractors to use. My uncle worked for a Bingham Equipment dealer while my dad at one time worked for a John Deere dealer. He would never even think about letting us play with blue tractors.

Lucky for him, Arizona Farm Bureau members are eligible for a complimentary John Deere Rewards upgrade (Platinum 2 status) - which unlocks the best loyalty rewards including valuable equipment discounts. Register today, and explore all that Rewards has to offer.

Farm Bureau members must have a valid membership for 30-days to be eligible for the John Deere Rewards upgrade. (Platinum 2 status)

Check out the savings on the following equipment categories:

  • Commercial Mowing -- $300 to $2,700 off
  • Residential Mowing -- $100 to $200 off
  • Utility Vehicles -- $200 to $350 off
  • Tractors -- $200 to $300 off
  • Golf & Sports Turf -- $500 to $3,700 off
  • Commercial Worksite -- 17% off MSRP

Don’t wait – Visit JohnDeere.com/FarmBureau today to register!

Details and Restrictions

  • Must be a valid member of Farm Bureau for 30 days
  • A valid member email address is required for eligibility

How to Renew: All you need to do is go back to www.JohnDeere.com/FarmBureau, select “I am an Existing Rewards Member” on the verification screen, reenter your member number, zip code, and their Rewards number, and their profile will be renewed.


Find the location closest to you!

Town Name Phone Number
Avondale Stotz Equipment 800-523-1914
Buckeye Stotz Equipment 480-221-4818
Casa Grande Stotz Equipment 520-836-7481
Chandler Stotz Equipment 800-523-1914
Chandler RDO Eq. Co. – Eq. Mrkt. Servc. 844-433-3734
Ehrenberg RDO Equipment Co. Ehrenberg 928-923-9611
Ehrenberg Ehrenberg RDO Equipment Co. 800-310-1017
Flagstaff RDO Equipment Co. Flagstaff 928-526-0639
Phoenix RDO Equipment Co. Phoenix 602-415-4700
Phoenix A to Z Eq. Rentals and Sales 602-977-7287
Prescott RDO Equipment Co. Prescott 928-776-8300
Thatcher Stotz Equipment 928-428-1223
Tucson Stotz Equipment 520-887-4121
Tucson RDO Equipment Co. Tucson 520-294-5262
Wellton Wellton RDO Equipment Co. 800-310-1017
Willcox Stotz Equipment 520-766-0610
Yuma Yuma RDO Equipment Co. 928-341-7100