This coming May, Arizona Farm Bureau will have hosted the #TalkToAFarmer, and #TalkToARancher live on Instagram for four years. The question is, “Have you ever been one of our guests on this live and in-person show?!” We’d love to have you on the Show.

Through Instagram’s “Live,” split-screen feature, we’re taking the time to visit with our Arizona farmers and ranchers from all over the state. We’ve interviewed Arizona farmers and ranchers in Buckeye, Yuma, Prescott, Tucson and Marana, Willcox and Queen Creek. 

Arizona Farm Bureau’s Talk to a Farmer Friday program launched so our Instagram followers on our @AZfarmbureau social media account can talk to Arizona farmers and ranchers live on their farms and ranches by posting a question on the Instagram Live feed. We now have built a regular following.

Last year, one of our more successful runs of guests was our Arizona-based auctioneers. Our last guest in that series was Janel Rogers. Her words ring true more than ever: “You learn your craft and you keep going. And you just keep getting better. Toughening up takes a little bit of time. Kevin told me, I must keep showing up.”

During the first Instagram Live, 200+ Instagram followers logged on to view the conversation we had with Trevor Bales, an alfalfa and Sudan grass hay farmer from Buckeye, Arizona. Bales has already attracted quite a following with friends and fans that watch him daily on Instagram talk about Arizona farming and his family-owned and operated business, Bales Hay Sales.  

In 2023, we hope to do several series. For example, we’re planning a six-week series on “Artists from Farm and Ranch Country.” We’re also looking into a series featuring our young farmers and ranchers. And this is just the beginning. 

Mark your calendar for every Friday morning between 10:00 and 11:00. We’ve already visited with more than 150 Arizona farmers and ranchers (and yes, some of them are regular guests). During the 20 to 25-minute live sessions with our farmers or ranchers, you’ll have a chance to pose a question if you follow Arizona Farm Bureau on Instagram: @AZfarmbureau

One of our more recent “Talk to a Farmer” sessions was with Ashlee Mortimer of Mortimer Farms in Dewey-Humbolt, Arizona. Join us and stay connected to your Arizona farmers and ranchers that love to share their stories about farming and ranching in this vast and diverse agriculture state!

If you would be interested in being a guest, contact us at