By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau Communication Director with contributions by Arizona Farm Bureau's Intern, Lauren Scott: It’s Black Friday and you’re in a crazy long line at Walmart -- or somewhere --  when you could be sitting down in the comfort of your own home shopping for local, farm fresh product on Fill Your Plate. Or, now that we’re mobile friendly, you could be checking out all Fill Your Plate’s Farm and Ranch products on your iPad or mobile phone.

Fill Your Plate is now mobile friendly. This will make it more convenient if you're traveling around Arizona looking for a Farmer's Market and not sure where to find one during a weekend getaway. 

Recently relaunched with a mobile friendly focus, Fill Your Plate is still Arizona’s number one online directory of direct market (retail) farmers and ranchers. Plus, our two other searchable databases on the site allow you to search for farm fresh recipes and the more than 100 farmers' markets throughout Arizona.

Here’s just a few highlights of what you should be looking for when you go to Fill Your Plate.

  1. Click on one of the following tabs to lead you to the most popular pages on the site: 1) Find a Farm Product, 2) Find a Farmers Market, and 3) Find Recipes provided by our Arizona farmers and ranchers!
  2. Right under these searchable database buttons, are links to Fill Your Plate’s most recent blog articles: Discover tips, tricks, recipes, helpful hints, and more about everything and anything from health to holiday decorating!
  3. Discover Fill Your Plate’s fun and educational videos. These videos feature many faces of Arizona agriculture, and spotlight produce that is in season, crops grown in Arizona, Arizona livestock, and tasty recipes, among many other topics. If you want to know about Arizona agriculture, these videos are a must-see!
  4. Plus, click on to Farm Bureau’s Friday Food Facts, which are aired on 99.9 KEZ. Here, you can listen to already aired clips that feature fun facts about Arizona agriculture!
  5. Don’t forget Fill Your Plate’s social media buttons including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  6. Some of our farmers and ranchers honor our Farm Bureau membership with discounts.

The new layout of Fill Your Plate is super easy to use, and gets you where you need to go effortlessly. Start taking advantage of this mobile version with friends and family so they can use Fill Your Plate on the go!

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