Arizona grows world-renowned wheat, Desert Durum ®! Because of its consistent quality, our Desert Durum® keeps global markets coming back for more. Here’s why.

1.      The phrase “Desert Durum®” has been trademarked with the U.S. Patent Office under the ownership of the Arizona Grain Research and Promotion Council and the California Wheat Commission.

2.      As a result, only Desert Durum® grown in Arizona and California qualifies for the Desert Durum® trademark.

3.      The special wheat is produced under irrigation in the desert valleys and lowlands of Arizona and California.

4.      These are regions of high temperatures (May-June temperatures average 32C) and low rainfall (annual precipitation averages less than 200 mm).

5.      Desert Durum® wheat is planted November through February and harvested in May and June.

6.      Desert Durum® enters the market up to three months ahead of the spring durum crops harvested in other North America durum-producing areas.

7.      Desert Durum® is delivered “Identity Preserved” to U.S. domestic and export markets, a system that allows buyers to purchase grain of varieties having intrinsic quality parameters specific to their needs.

8.      Annual production requirements can be contracted ahead to experienced growers using certified seed and then “identity” stored for season-long shipment at the buyers’ schedule.

9.      Desert Durum® averages an annual export rate of 50%, especially exported to Italy to make pasta.

10.  A local brewer, Arizona Distilling Company, produces Arizona’s first ever grain-to-bottle whiskey. Made with Desert Durum® wheat, it maintains a unique balance of sweet and spicy, where molasses, pecan pie, caramel and black mission figs tame the noticeable bite of peppercorn, allspice and cinnamon, says the Arizona Distilling Company website.

11.  Desert Durum® is highly regarded for its protein strength allowing a variety of different pasta shapes!

Ultimately, we, here in Arizona and California, believe our Desert Durum® holds celebrity status on the world market, certainly with Italy. This, the country, that knows pasta!

Our ideal climate for creating a quality wheat means a bright future for Arizona and California agriculture, certainly with grains.

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