By Joe Sigg, Arizona Farm Bureau Government Relations Director: Normally…I am not a black helicopter type… but I am working on it. It feels like a coalition of Michael Bloomberg, Michelle Obama and a 5th Column (some aliens are included) have conspired to bring down Hostess. Hostess was as American as their apple and cherry pies (And, yes, with all the calories) … and now it's gone.

If they can do it to Hostess, they can do it to anything. To that end I spent the weekend going store to store buying up all of the double chocolate Milano cookies (Pepperidge Farms) I can find. 

Only one problem: there is not much room left in my survival bunker to wait out the apocalypse…but please feel free to bang on my door for vodka and cookies.

No bull (or ding dongs)…I could not find any Hostess products anywhere!

Oh, yeah, Happy Thanksgiving.