If I were to ask you what the most important nutrient is, what would be your answer? Often, our minds go to nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, or fats. But really, the correct answer is water! Water is so vital to all our body’s functions, so it is very important that we always make sure that we have enough of it and our bodies are properly hydrated. On average, we can survive more than 30 days without food, but we cannot go beyond 3 days without water.

Plus, next week is Safety Week on the farm. So, for all of us working on farms and ranches staying properly hydrated is a number one priority.

We all know that it is possible, (and very easy during the Arizona summers). But while it is rare, it is also possible to be overhydrated as well, which is a condition called hyponatremia. The key is to find that proper balance where you are getting plenty of water, but also not too much.

When it comes to how much water you should be drinking on a daily basis, the Institutes of Medicine recommends that men drink about 15 to 16 cups of water every day, and that women drink about 11 to 12 cups each day.  But this number can change based on your diet, activity levels, and environment.

Also, a plain glass of water isn’t the only source of hydration. Other beverages such as tea, coffee, juices, and more also count towards your daily water intake. Some foods are also very hydrating, such as watermelon, cucumbers, soups, and lots more.

Especially for us in agriculture, pour yourself a nice glass of water or enjoy a slice of watermelon and other foods with high-water content and make sure that you are keeping your body fully hydrated!

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