By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau Communication & Organization Director : Every year, Arizona Farm Bureau features Arizona agriculture’s top 16 crops in an Infographic. At the top of the leader board is cattle and calves and as you go through the chart you discover the diversity and abundance of agriculture in this desert state.

And, if these top 16 agriculture products disappeared tomorrow, we’d have to wipe $3.5 billion in revenue to the state off of our economic books. This number only counts what the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) calls “cash receipts.” Losing the top 16 crops and identifying only cash receipts doesn’t factor in wages generated from those who work in the industry or even suppliers to the Arizona agriculture industry to help make these top 16 Arizona agriculture products possible.

Yes, these top 16 agriculture products created in our state mean big business; but represented by family farms and ranches. The Arizona agriculture industry is a $17.1 billion industry and just these top 16 represent a good chunk.

This Arizona agriculture video features Arizona's top agriculture commodity: Cattle and calves. 

The Infographic highlighted here lists all 16 and also the most recent graphic we’ve done representing all our crops and livestock that hang out at the top. Check them out to get to know them. They matter to you and me and make our Arizona economy hum.

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