Your vote counts and your engagement in the political arena matters. So, to keep you up-to-date on this election year’s important dates, below is a list to ensure you know what’s happening next.

And speaking of elections, they do matter! You’ve heard so often that your vote counts. And, it does. You can also help Arizona Farm Bureau and our efforts to help solid candidates win their elections. We do this through our Ag Political Action Committee of the Arizona Farm Bureau Federation (AgPAC). AgPACwas established to provide individuals interested in the future of the agricultural industry to contribute to the Support of worthy candidates for Arizona’s offices who believe, and have demonstrated their beliefs, in the principles to which the industry is dedicated.

AgPAC raises funds to support the candidates for any party affiliation who are committed to working for the best interests of Arizona agriculture. Because Arizona Farm Bureau is non-partisan, we have supported Democratic, Republican and Independent candidates in the past. It’s AgPACs intent to seek out candidates that have a clear vision for the future prosperity of Arizona and who know that a robust agriculture industry is part of what makes economic growth happen.

Our fundraising strength will serve as a reminder to political leaders that farmers and ranchers remain stakeholders in Arizona’s future. With the continued support of Farm Bureau members like you, our voice will be heard at the state capitol and in Washington D.C.

Please consider contributing onlineby going to’s “Public Policy” section and selecting “AgPAC-Elections Matter.” AgPAC cannot accept corporate contributions. Contributions to AgPACare not tax deductible as a business expense or as a charitable contribution.

Event                       Date

  • Early voting begins for Special Election = April 20th
  • Special Election = May 17th
  • Last day to file arguments for or against ballot measures = July 13th
  • Voter registration deadline for Primary Election = August 1
  • Early Voting begins for Primary Election = August 3
  • Primary Election = August 30
  • Voter registration deadline for General Election = October 10
  • Early Voting begins for General Election = October 12
  • General Election = November 8

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