It’s crazy to think that we are this far into 2023. And typically around this time of year, many of us begin to realize that we aren’t exactly sticking to our New Year’s resolutions quite like we thought we would. Maybe we aren’t hitting the gym as often as we’d like, or maybe that diet that we started became just a little too hard to maintain.

Whatever the case, there is no need to feel discouraged. Often these health resolutions fail because they are a little too drastic and thus are hard to keep up with. Registered dietician Sarah Kamely suggests that we set one or two small and easily achievable goals each week because, over time, these will build up our confidence to achieve bigger goals.

So, what’s an example of a small, achievable, and effective goal? Kamely suggests making small dietary changes as being a good way to start achieving your bigger health goals. So, instead of cutting all carbs, or strictly adhering to some diet, our goal could be to simply add more plants to our diet, especially since the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggests less than 15% of the American population is consuming the recommended amount. Not only will we be getting all the nutrients that they have to offer, but we’ll also be getting a healthy dose of fiber as well, something that many dieticians say that Americans are lacking.


Just adding more plants to your diet actually has a pretty big impact on the rest of your health. Diets that are chock full of plants promote gut health, promote heart health, and help to regulate blood sugar levels.


Here are some suggestions on how to add more plants to your diet:

  • Use berries, nuts, seeds, or grains as toppings.
  • Use veggies as the base of meals. Think zucchini noodles or cauliflower rice.
  • Select whole-grain varieties of products like crackers and bread.
  • Snack on sliced veggies or fruits.


If your big health goals for the year aren’t exactly going as you’d hoped, don’t worry or give up! Instead, try creating some small goals for yourself to achieve such as increasing your plant consumption! All of your small goals will add up over time! And it’s never too late to begin eating better and improving your overall health! 

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