With Arizona, especially Yuma County, as the Winter Salad Bowl of the Country from November to late March, it’s good news to know that salad toppers add to the nutrient value of our greens. In fact, much of what nutritionists recommend as toppers can be found here in Arizona’s diverse agriculture.


Creative salad toppers can add nutrition, texture and variety to a basic salad, says registered dietitian nutritionist Lauren Manaker in Well + Good in an article on salad toppers, who offers nine healthful options including cheese crisps, eggs, nuts and seeds, dried apples, buckwheat and pomegranate arils. "Data shows that eating your veggies with some healthy fat can help your body to absorb more of certain nutrients, like vitamin E," says Manaker, adding that extra-virgin olive oil can be a good addition to any salad.


The article, This Is the Secret To Making the Most Nutrient-Dense and Delicious Salads, goes on to feature nine different toppers for salads, highlighting how this is another way to creatively get more fruits and vegetables into your diet.


Arizona Farm Bureau’s Fill Your Plate features a variety of articles about salads including some salad recipes as well.