In 2021, USDA updated Emergency Livestock Assistance Program (ELAP) policy to help cover the cost of transporting feed for livestock that rely on grazing. An online tool is now available to help ranchers document and estimate payments to cover feed transportation costs caused by drought. The new tool is a Microsoft Excel workbook that enables ranchers to input information specific to their operation to determine an estimated payment.

To use the tool, ranchers will need:

  • Number of truckloads for this year.
  • Mileage per truckload this year.
  • Share of feed cost this year (if splitting loads).
  • Number of truckloads you normally haul.
  • Normal mileage per truckload.
  • Share of normal feed cost

USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) will begin taking applications this fall. This includes places where:

  • Drought intensity is D2 for eight consecutive weeks as indicated by the U.S. Drought Monitor;   
  • Drought intensity is D3 or greater; or  
  • USDA has determined a shortage of local or regional feed availability.

Click here to access information about ELAP and the new tool, including an informational video about how to use it.