Running your agricultural operations involves countless responsibilities, and your health is a top priority. But we also understand that the rising costs of prescription medications can be a real burden. That's why we're excited to share this membership benefit that will ease your worries and put money back in your pocket.


The FREE Farm Bureau Prescription Discount Program Rx Savings Card is a powerful tool that can help you save up to 80% on your prescription medications! Whether dealing with common ailments or managing ongoing health conditions, this benefit supports staying healthy and thriving.


How the FREE Rx Savings Card Works:

The FREE Rx Savings Card is a simple and user-friendly way to access significant discounts on your prescription medications. It functions like a digital coupon that you can present at participating pharmacies to receive instant savings. The best part? It's available to all our valued farmers and ranchers as an exclusive membership benefit.


To get the prescription discount card, log into the membership section of AZFB and search “FREE Farm Bureau Prescription Discount Program.” You will be able to print, text, or email the card. You can also contact Joel Carr at 480.635.3609 to obtain the card. Once you have it in hand, present it to your pharmacist along with your prescription, and watch the savings roll in. It's that easy! With the FREE Rx Savings Card, you can finally say goodbye to the stress of expensive medications and hello to more money in your pocket.


Benefits of the FREE Rx Savings Card:


Significant Savings on Prescription Medications:

Prescription medications can be expensive, especially if you require multiple medications to manage your health. With the FREE Rx Savings Card, you can access substantial discounts that save up to 80% on your prescriptions. That's money back in your pocket that you can invest in your farm or ranch or use to treat yourself to something special.

Wide Network of Participating Pharmacies:

We understand the importance of convenience, especially regarding your health. That's why the FREE Rx Savings Card is accepted nationwide at a vast network of participating pharmacies. You can enjoy these savings at your local pharmacy or on the road for business. Wherever you go, the savings go with you!

No Restrictions or Limitations:

Unlike some prescription discount programs, the FREE Rx Savings Card has no restrictions or limitations. You can use it for all your prescriptions, whether generic or brand-name. This means you can continue using your preferred medications without worrying about the cost.

As a farmer or rancher, your health is essential, and we want to ensure that you have access to the best care without breaking the bank. The FREE Rx Savings Card is a valuable membership benefit that puts the power of significant savings on prescription medications in your hands. Don't let expensive drugs get you down; instead, take advantage of this incredible offer and enjoy up to 80% savings on your prescriptions.

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