Arizona Farm Bureau feels like it’s dipped its farm boot into the movie business, sort of. To date, we’ve created more than 250 videos we share on our website and on social media. We moved seriously into video production when social media analysts were telling everyone that videos became the number one way to view content in the social media space.

Our advocacy, communication and education (the ACEs) have realized the benefits of the effort including explaining complex issues with the ease of a modern-day video. Having covered simple to complex topics about Arizona agriculture, there isn’t a topic we haven’t tried to tackle. The average length of our videos is 90 seconds to four minutes. They’re concise, well written and it’s become a team effort. If you want to test this go to our “Food for Thought” video section of

Use this Resource to Tell Your Story and the Arizona Agriculture Narrative

We upload all our videos to and you’ll find them all posted on our social media channels, especially the “Friends of Arizona Farm Bureau” Facebook page. Since we’ve covered so many topics a simple “search” on will determine whether we have a video you can share with your network. For example, plug into the search window in the upper right corner of, “sustainability,” and you’ll find a video and articles on the topic. Here are other points to help us exploit this Arizona Farm Bureau resource.

  1. Share the videos with friends. On our page, is our complete list of videos we’ve produced.
  2. Share on your social media channels. On average, we release a video a week. If you follow us on “Friends of Arizona Farm Bureau” Facebook, share with your network to organically extend the video’s reach.
  3. You’ve made cameo appearances, let your network know. Family and friends love to see our wins and successes. So many of our farm and ranch leaders have become part of our videos.
  4. Send your friends to Since we’re always releasing new videos, it might not hurt to let your network know about our video page on the web.
  5. Make the videos part of your presentation: Going to give a presentation about Arizona agriculture? Start by showing one of our videos. Staff often does this to set the stage for a presentation on a specific topic in agriculture.

Finally, we continue to stay committed to one of the more important tools to stay connected to the public. So, if you have an idea for a video topic, let us know. Contact us at