What’s your favorite breakfast? Oatmeal? Eggs and Bacon? Do you like a hot breakfast? Or, cold? According to the American Automobile Association, the most popular breakfast is a hot breakfast. That’s followed by oatmeal, breakfast cereal and then toast.

According to nutritionists, a healthy breakfast must include protein and fiber. So, they’ll tell you whole grains, lean protein, dairy, and fruits and vegetables work well. The right breakfast should make you feel more energized throughout the day, not sluggish.

A hot breakfast was our main topic last Saturday morning on the Rosie on the House show during the 8:00 a.m. hour on KTAR. And, we brought in an expert: Patty Emmert with Duncan Family Farms.

To not steal the show in this blog, we provide the podcast of that segment, known to regular listeners as the “Farm Fresh Hour.” She talks about food trends in breakfast, what flavors have become popular including savory. And, she even gives advice on how to make pancakes a bit healthier. And, special beginning to this segment ... hear from Arizona Farm Bureau President Stefanie Smallhouse on why the USMCA trade deal is so significant to Arizona farmers and ranchers.