Arizona Farm Bureau  is providing a one-stop shop for you to access resources about Biotechnology in Agriculture.


1. Arizona Farm Bureau = Biotechnology (grades 9-12)
Presentation length: 50 + minutes (can be tailored to your class period)
Students will participate in discussion about one of agriculture's most debated issues: biotechnology and GMOs. This presentation will introduce students to the history and science behind genetically modified organisms. To schedule a presentation contact Katie Aikins at 480.635.3608.

2. University of Arizona = Ellsworth, P.C.   Making Sense of Genetically Modified Crops .

( 4 slides per page, PDF file 2.89 MB) =

3. University of Arizona = General cache of Presentations on GM crops and Biotechnology
GM Crops and Biotechnology



Running for office in 2016? Sign up for Campaign School!

The 2016 election cycle is just around the corner. Maybe you, or someone you know, is contemplating running for public office, but are not sure where to begin. The Arizona Farm Bureau is excited to announce the upcoming 2015 Campaign Management Training Seminar to be held October 22 and 23 in Gilbert, Arizona.

The award-winning campaign school, developed by the American Farm Bureau Federation, is designed for both new and veteran candidates for public office. The two-day seminar provides participants hands-on experience through media interviews, real campaign examples and a computer simulated campaign.

The registration fee for this two-day seminar is $175. We also encourage campaign managers and spouses to attend and receive training with the candidate. Registrations are limited so be sure to get your registration information in early to secure your spot.

Participation in the Arizona Farm Bureau Campaign Management Seminar does not constitute an endorsement by the Arizona Farm Bureau nor guarantee an endorsement for elected office.

Campaign Management Training Seminar Registration Form

For further information or questions contact Ana Kennedy Otto at (480)635-3614 or