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An Arizona Grazing Lease is More than Forage


It’s the responsibility of the Executive and Legislative branches to ensure that the State Land Department is equipped with the tools and resources to perform its mission.

Arizona Agriculture is at the Top of our State's Primary Sectors


These four primary sectors are agriculture, mining, fishing, and forestry.

Arizona Beef, A Nutritional Powerhouse in a Small Package


3-ounces of beef provides 10 essential nutrients including protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins.

Animal Welfare Means Treating Animals Well


Farmers and ranchers employ humane practices to keep their animals happy and healthy.

Video: The Ag products Arizona Ships Around the Globe


Arizona exports cotton, fruits, vegetables, beef, dairy and seeds to over 70 countries including Canada and Mexico.

Arizona Beef: A Leading Ag Commodity


Arizona beef is a top agriculture commodity for our state.

Beef and Dairy Cattle: Breeds Apart


In general, dairy cattle are bred and raised for their ability to produce milk and beef cattle are mainly raised for meat.

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Arizona Beef

Doing a Double Take on Duplicate Brands


The Arizona Department of Agriculture has sought and garnered three separate legal opinions regarding the Supreme Court's impacts on the Department and its administration of the brand law.

Beef is Arizona Agriculture's Largest Ag Commodity


We, as ranchers, must sit up and pay attention to what is going on around us if we expect to embrace the opportunities as they present themselves.