Arizona Biotech Articles




What to Know about GMOs


While others are in development, there are 10 commercially available biotech crops in the U.S.

After 100 Years, Victory Declared Over a Really Bad Bug


The attack was persistent, relentless, methodical and annually cost tens of millions of dollars and spread to other states.

Biotech is Big Time in Arizona!


Arizona agriculture's three biotech crops are cotton, corn, and alfalfa.

Biotech is Big Time in Arizona!


Arizona cotton, corn and alfalfa account for nearly 20% of our state’s crop production! 96.3% of Arizona’s cotton is biotech (GMO).

Biotechnology in Agriculture: A Full List of Resources to Understand GMOs


Arizona Farm Bureau policy supports biotechnology in agriculture. The non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization also supports organic and traditional agriculture.

Killing Pests At Home Versus on the Farm


By Joe Sigg, Arizona Farm Bureau: New information often force changes inthe ways we think about thi...

Despair Not Arizona Agriculture: Vet School Hopes Not Dashed


By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau: As all of Arizona agriculture probably knows by now, the FY...

Arizona Agriculture is an Engine of Innovation!


By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau: New USDA Discoveries Led to 180 New Inventions that include...

You Accept Biotechnology in Pharmaceuticals; Why Not in Agriculture?


By Katie Aikins, Arizona Farm Bureau: Though most people only think of biotechnology as being used ...

Why Do Arizona Agriculture's Farmers Grow Genetically Modified Crops?


Below is a recent presentation delivered by Brandon Leister, president of the Buckeye Local Farm Bu...