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Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Meier Family


The Meier’s family, beginning with his father, Bill, had always farmed hundreds of acres in what we’d consider close to the heart of Phoenix, much of it on land that now has houses instead of crops.

Arizona Farm Bureau Successes


The best way to explain our lobbying and outreach story is to show the highlights of the last two decades. We plan to share weekly highlights of each one of the years beginning in 2000.

Steps to Mitigate Financial Risks on the Farm


Financial condition, risk management, and planning for the future are the top areas for evaluating how well you've set up to protect your farm or ranch for the future.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Tommy and Sammie Caywood


This fourth-generation farm family from Casa Grande is perhaps one of our strongest Arizona farm families advocating for the continuous education of the public about modern-day farming.

Tasting History, Arizona’s Ancient Grains!


Sossaman and Anderson have a passion for farming and are excited about the new wave of interest in ancient grains.

How We Use Pesticides in Agriculture


By the end of a month-long research effort, I concluded that Arizona agriculture has the pesticide use thing down. Consumers, not so much.

Guess What Superfoods Make Arizona Agriculture a Superstar!


By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau: Today’s superfood rankings give Arizona Agriculture superst...

Meet Arizona Agriculture's Alcaida Family


By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau: The rich agriculture heritage of this farm and ranching fam...

Arizona Agriculture's Farmers & Ranchers Are Rockstars!


By Peggy Jo Goodfellow, Arizona Farm Bureau: John F. Kennedy once said, "The American farmer is the...

Meet Arizona Agriculture's Ag Fraternity: Alpha Gamma Rho


Justen Ollendick, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern: Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Pi is the premier professional ...