Arizona ranching Articles




Hunting Protects Wildlife


Because of good management of the land, farmers and ranchers support wildlife.

Dairy and Beef Cattle: Breeds Apart


Dairy cattle are bred and raised for their ability to produce milk and beef cattle are mainly raised for meat.

Arizona Agriculture's Faces of Farming and Ranching


Here are some of Arizona farming's farmers and ranchers. From all backgrounds, starting points, and destinations.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s William Stambaugh


In over 50 years Bill never missed a Pinal County Fair Junior Livestock Auction.

Cattle and Wildlife Hang out Together, Video


Some of the simplest strategies created and maintained by ranchers benefit wildlife and cattle.

Ranching is a Family Affair: The Smallhouse Family


Farming and ranching is a family affair. No wonder, since 99% of the farms and ranches in America are family owned and operated.

Smallhouse Urges Congress to Save Ranches, Federal Lands


The Carlink Ranch straddles the Lower San Pedro River and operates in the same location it did for more than 130 years ago.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Morin Family


The public’s idea of the cowboy and ranching is somewhat romanticized. There are times, that ranching is not romantic at all.

Cattle and Wildlife Hang Out Together!


Today in Arizona, you’ll find that our ranch families are stewards of habitat on public and private lands

Amazon's Big Food Move and One Arizona Rancher's Take


Considered a cyber Walmart, Amazon can demand lower prices from wholesalers because of the massive amounts ordered. Farmers and ranchers don't produce widgets, they produce food with limited resources.