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Top 6 Strategies to Avoiding Activist Disruptions at Livestock Shows


Protestors have disrupted everything from the Royal Winter Fair and World Dairy Expo to county fairs and junior livestock shows.

A Horse is a Horse, Of Course! The Video


Arizona has a horse industry in the multi-millions. Between pleasure riding and competitions, plus working horses on our ranches, our state's horses are a breed apart!

Beef and Dairy Cattle: Breeds Apart


In general, dairy cattle are bred and raised for their ability to produce milk and beef cattle are mainly raised for meat.

When Activists Storm the Farm: Your Rights


Is there something happening that might serve as a catalyst for people to jump on the activist bandwagon? Be on the lookout for wide-reaching media that may encourage additional protests or events.

Arizona Agriculture: An Often Ignored Success Story (1)


One of the greatest resources of this country is our inspiration – an idea every time you turn around.

A Spark of Optimism for Ag Labor Reform


Farmers and ranchers need a reliable workforce to produce food for America, and accept that most of the workers they need come from other nations. It has been a long time coming, but U.S. lawmakers are increasingly recognizing this as well.

The Return of Tough Times in the Dairy Industry!


A year ago Arizona Agriculture interviewed Paul Rovey, owner of Arizona’s Rovey Dairy, chair of Dairy Management, Inc. and President of United Dairymen of Arizona (UDA). “The contrast from 2009 to today is night and day,” Rovey said back then. “2009 was painful, 2010 was our climb out year and 2011 should reflect gains.” He was correct. The 2011 numbers show gains; however, 2012 numbers won’t be revealed until this coming fall. But even without new numbers Arizona Dairy farmers know too well that the overall industry is hurting again. So recently Arizona Agriculture reconnected with Rovey to understand the current situation.

Sustainable Farming in Arizona: Debate Over Livestock Continues to be an Ongoing Challenge


By Paul Schwennesen, Southern Arizona Rancher and Young Farmer & RancherThe Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations released a report back in 2006 stating that livestock contribute over 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, a larger impact than the world’s entire transportation sector. Pretty damning stuff. In fact, it’s the sort of “fact” that led to Sir Pa...

Is Market Speculation the School Yard Bully in the Dairy Industry?


By Kelly Moss, Owner of Mountain Shadow Dairy, LLCRemember those see-saws on the playgrounds? Those were a lot of fun and worked pretty well when they were balanced with equally sized kids on each end. Unfortunately they could cause some pain and discomfort when one side was manned by a bully that would jump off when you were at the top, letting you come crashing down. That's kind of what it...

Animal Agriculture and Responsible Antibiotic Use


By Alyn M. McClure, DVM with Herd Health Management, LPRecently, CBS News producers created a special report on the use of antibiotics in livestock production. The piece, reported by Evening News anchor Katie Couric, is not a factual representation of the scientific, safe and careful use of antibiotics in animal agriculture. My lifetime of experience in animal agriculture makes their report ...