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Propositions 207 and 208: Arizona Farm Bureau Weighs In


Arizona Farm Bureau opposes both Proposition 207 and Proposition 208. Here's why.

AgPAC Announces Federal Endorsements


AgPAC of the Arizona Farm Bureau is proud to endorse seven candidates running for a spot in Arizona's federal delegation.

The Most Important Election of Your Lifetime (For Real This Time)


There are many reasons this election holds so much weight.

2020 Primary Candidate Survey Responses Now Available!


Whether you’re mailing in your ballot or have plans to visit your polling place, we know you probably have questions about the important races in your district.

Get Your Applications Ready - Paycheck Protection Program Recharged!


Congress is expected to add $310 billion to the popular Paycheck Protection Program Loan fund for small business, but the money will go fast.

Legislative Leaders Tell Us Their 2020 Priorities


As we annually do, we asked Arizona's legislative leaders from each party to share their vision of the 2020 legislative year. Here’s what they said.

WOTUS: The Old Rule Finally Finished


Arizona Farm Bureau fully supports the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) decision to repeal the irrational and unclear 2015 Waters of the US Rule.

Why USMCA is So Important to Agriculture


Mexico is by far Arizona’s best trade partner, followed closely by Canada and China is a solid third.

Advocacy in Concentrated Form


The reality is that advocacy is just as crucial to the future of agriculture as any of the other tasks we do on a daily basis.

Arizona Farm Bureau Leadership Meet McSally In DC


We are thankful for the great working relationship we have with the office of Senator McSally and are proud to represent our agriculture members across the state.