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Arizona Agriculture by the Numbers in 2014


Preliminary results from the 2012 Census of Agriculture.

Conversation with an Organic "Retail" Farmer: Bob McClendon


Local and organic sells better than either one alone. Just ask Robert (Bob) and Marsha McClendon, members of Arizona Farm Bureau and owners of McClendon’s Select; a retail/direct-market farm. They’re so niched and specialized, they shake their own heads at how strong the demand is for their product.

A Conversation with an Energy Economist: Oil Boom 2.0!


Chief Economist for American Petroleum Institute (API), John Felmy, Ph.D., recently made a trip to Arizona for a conference and sat down with Arizona Agriculture to discuss the emerging energy boom in America and the benefits to agriculture, specifically Arizona agriculture.

The Return of Tough Times in the Dairy Industry!


A year ago Arizona Agriculture interviewed Paul Rovey, owner of Arizona’s Rovey Dairy, chair of Dairy Management, Inc. and President of United Dairymen of Arizona (UDA). “The contrast from 2009 to today is night and day,” Rovey said back then. “2009 was painful, 2010 was our climb out year and 2011 should reflect gains.” He was correct. The 2011 numbers show gains; however, 2012 numbers won’t be revealed until this coming fall. But even without new numbers Arizona Dairy farmers know too well that the overall industry is hurting again. So recently Arizona Agriculture reconnected with Rovey to understand the current situation.

The Myths and Facts in Agriculture


Countless facts float around about agriculture. This reference guide should help despel some of them.

Surfers Will Get their Wetsuits from the Arizona Desert in the Future (1)


Thanks to a unique plant that thrives in the Arizona desert, surfers will be getting their “all-natural” wetsuits from the Arizona desert.

Sustainable farming in Arizona: We All Hurt in Tough Times


In these tough economic times we’ll stay true to our message that this is not the time to add more tax and regulatory costs.  By Kevin Rogers, Arizona Farm Bureau PresidentCattle and hogs prices are down more than 10% from two years ago. Milk is down over 50%. We have already had several dairies shut down and sell their herds. The hay I sell to dairies, feedlots and horse owners i...

Trade Matters


If opening foreign markets to a nation’s products is a “race for trade” how are we in the U.S. -- and specifically Arizona  --doing compared to our competitors? Right now the U.S., due to the expiration of trade promotion authority, is taking a break from negotiating new free trade agreements (FTAs) and focusing more on approving agreements already negotiated with Colombia,...