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March 2018 Arizona Agriculture


A conversation about food safety

Fun Facts about Arizona’s Desert Durum ®


Ultimately, we, here in Arizona and California, believe our Desert Durum® holds celebrity status on the world market, certainly with Italy. This, the country, that knows pasta!

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Eric Wilkey


We in agriculture have a pretty strong appreciation for the positive benefits of trade.

2018 Spring Summer CHOICES


The French Love Arizona Wine

Today’s News Information is Omnipresent but Ag Trade Seems Ignored


We can confirm this by a statistic coming from the Arizona Department of Agriculture: 70 countries import Arizona crops, commodities, and seeds.

Horizons Loom Big in Farm and Ranch Country


Out on the open range, a rancher sees far away and he or she thinks of the possibilities. A farmer, checking his fields, sees a clear line on the horizon where his crops are growing; he too sees the future, the possibilities.

Ag in the Midst of a Crisis


Think about what is being asked of us? We need to produce more, higher quality products for a lower cost without using technology such as genetics without slighting an animal’s perceived comfort level and without emitting an ounce of ammonia or other naturally occurring gas into the atmosphere and in a labor market with virtually zero unemployment

Meet the Waylon and Leah Wuertz Family


There are small gourds, large gourds, stout gourds, twisted gourds and every gourd in between. You guessed it, we’re talking about the Annual Wuertz Farms Gourd Festival held every February in Casa Grande on the Wuertz Family Farm.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Nickerson Family


Arizona Farm Bureau’s Ag education program profiled broccoli and one of our farm families that grows it on a regular basis, the Nickerson family. Today, we feature the family in our ongoing series and asked them about Farm Bureau.

2018 February Arizona Agriculture


Top Story: A conversation about Arizona's Top Agriculture Commodity: Beef