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Meet the Waylon and Leah Wuertz Family


There are small gourds, large gourds, stout gourds, twisted gourds and every gourd in between. You guessed it, we’re talking about the Annual Wuertz Farms Gourd Festival held every February in Casa Grande on the Wuertz Family Farm.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Nickerson Family


Arizona Farm Bureau’s Ag education program profiled broccoli and one of our farm families that grows it on a regular basis, the Nickerson family. Today, we feature the family in our ongoing series and asked them about Farm Bureau.

2018 February Arizona Agriculture


Top Story: A conversation about Arizona's Top Agriculture Commodity: Beef

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Tom Miller


Tom Miller’s dedication to the pork industry in Arizona and on the national level is beyond words. For Arizona, Miller is the quintessential spokesperson for quality pork production in our state.

Ag Markets and Trade: A Conversation about the Uncertainty


The U.S. is 4% of the world population, yet we have the natural benefit of close to 25% of the world’s productive farmland. This naturally makes us a country that needs exports in some form or another.

What, Agriculture in Arizona?


It’s becoming a rare occurrence, but I still run into people that say, “You have farming in Arizona?”

CHOICES  Winter 2018


Conversation about Amazon's Big Food Move: A Rancher's Perspective

CHOICES Fall 2017


Millennials are Ready to Fix Things; Not Tear Down

CHOICES Spring summer 2017


Meet Arizona Agriculture's Selwyn Justice

CHOICES Winter 2017


Meet Arizona Agriculture's Women in Agriculture