Arizona Ag Articles




Biotech is Big Time in Arizona!


Arizona cotton, corn and alfalfa account for nearly 20% of our state’s crop production! 96.3% of Arizona’s cotton is biotech (GMO).

Two Arizona Urban Farmers Win National Grants


Merchant’s Garden AgroTech in Tucson has been named a $10,000 winner and Arizona Microgreens in Phoenix has been named a $5,000 winner of the Cultivating Change contest, in which local farmers compete for grant awards ranging from $1,000 to $20,000.

The Waltemeyer Family: Growing their Business


The green industry provides $1.6 billion in total sales to our state with $710,000 in payroll and 30,300 jobs, according to Arizona Nursery Association.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Knapple Family


The Knapple and Shelton families have always been embedded in Farm Bureau life.

We Grow the Mediterranean Diet in the Desert


Our state agriculture is so diverse and abundant we can claim that we grow the Mediterranean Diet in the desert here in Arizona.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Bob Flake Family


In various leadership positions while members of the Farm Bureau, the Flake family has a long history of farming and ranching in northern Arizona.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Pendley Family


Although hundreds of thousands of people visit Slide Rock State Park in Sedona each year, many are unaware of its deep-rooted history in agriculture.

The Buzz on Bees


To keep honeybees buzzing, plant flowers. Honeybees love flowers. A variety of plant nursery stores have native seed mixes you can select to grow a flower garden for bees.

Food for Thought: Trade Talks, Just Listen!


In Arizona, our agriculture exports to other countries total $1.5 billion each year.

Arizona Livestock Officers Newly Trained to Help Battle Opioid Crisis


Since AZDA’s livestock officers work in rural areas where travel time to an overdose event is a major issue, it’s hoped AZDA officers will be able to prevent opioid deaths.