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The Complexity Resiliency and Strength of America’s Food Supply


For a moment imagine a world where that food supply came exclusively from a different country and whether we would have witnessed the same resiliency.

A Conversation about Arizona’s Local Beef Market: Matt Herrington


This year’s policy development process with Arizona's county Farm Bureaus reflects the various issues impacting Arizona’s beef industry.

Arizona Agriculture is serious about our Agritourism


Arizona’s agritourism industry is growing and as of the 2017 census data, it accounted for about $14 million in sales.

Arizona Ag is a Risky Business and Life, So What Else is New!?


According to 24/7 Wall St. and their review of the Bureau of Labor Statistics data, farmers and ranchers work in an even more dangerous environment than firefighters, the police and linemen.

Arizona Agriculture Moves the State's Economy!


Arizona agriculture helps move our state's economy!

Arizona Agriculture is Hands On!


Whether someone is in animal agriculture or crop agriculture or both, farming and ranching are a hands-on career endeavor. You need to be present to be successful.

Arizona Agriculture is Always on The Move


Arizona agriculture is constantly on the move, making food and fiber for you.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Barnard Family


Like so many of our farm and ranch families in Arizona, they have a story to tell they didn’t realize needed telling.

How the Food Supply Chain Survived the Early Days of the 2020 Pandemic


Talented people working up and down the supply chain found creative solutions to keep meat -and other consumer goods - available to consumers when panic buying hit its peak in the early days of the pandemic.

AZ Foodie Loco about Local Arizona Agriculture


Arizona's foodie influencer "Az Foodie" loves our Arizona restaurant scene. She also loves our Farmers and Ranchers. Find out who she's cooking within the kitchen.