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Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Herrington Family


The Herrington family's agriculture life began in 1977 when they joined the family farm is Safford, Arizona.

Arizona Agriculture - February 2017


A Conversation about the Exciting World of Science and Discovery

Arizona Agriculture - January 2017


Legislative Leadership Establishes Their Priorities

Arizona Agriculture - October 2016


A conversation with a nutritionist

New Arizona Ag Industry Number is Big


The 2017 economic study reveals the $23.3 billion as the largest number in the University of Arizona’s history of documenting Arizona ag's economic footprint.

The Farm Bill Provides a Safety Net to Farmers and Ranchers during Tough Times


The farm bill is targeted to farmers and ranchers, used to support infrastructure and economic development in rural communities and helps provide breakfasts and lunches for school children.

Congressional Trip Allowed for Real-Time Issues Pivoting as Current Events in D.C. Unfolded


In September, a group of Farm Bureau leaders traded the desert for the Potomac for our fall visit to the Capitol.

Speaker Lineup Set to Unlock Economic Mysteries for Arizona Agriculture


U of A's economic team reveals the new billion dollar number for the first time Friday, November 3. One clue? It's north of our current $17.1 billion Arizona agriculture industry.

Arizona Agriculture Teacher Shortage Can be Solved


While a shortage still exists, a variety of efforts have been undertaken on national, state and local levels to get more ag teachers in our Arizona schools.

Urban Farm Continues to Encourage Fruit Trees in the Desert


Arizona residents flocked to the Annual Fruit Tree Program, where experts shared their knowledge about growing fruit trees in the desert climate.