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We're High on Hemp!


We're high on Hemp but it's not what you think!

Arizona’s Pistachio Story


Cochise County produces lots of wine grapes, pecans, and pistachios.

Pecan Power in Arizona Farming


We celebrate Arizona agriculture in all its forms. Pecans are just one of those special crops we grow in this desert state.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Monica Kilcullen Pastor


If you’re in agriculture in this state and involved in leadership roles, certainly agriculture education, you know who Monica is and what her passion is: teaching teachers to teach youth about where their food comes from. Plus, a few other things we’ll find out.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Meier Family


The Meier’s family, beginning with his father, Bill, had always farmed hundreds of acres in what we’d consider close to the heart of Phoenix, much of it on land that now has houses instead of crops.

March 2018 Arizona Agriculture


A conversation about food safety

Fun Facts about Arizona’s Desert Durum ®


Ultimately, we, here in Arizona and California, believe our Desert Durum® holds celebrity status on the world market, certainly with Italy. This, the country, that knows pasta!

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Eric Wilkey


We in agriculture have a pretty strong appreciation for the positive benefits of trade.

2018 Spring Summer CHOICES


The French Love Arizona Wine

Today’s News Information is Omnipresent but Ag Trade Seems Ignored


We can confirm this by a statistic coming from the Arizona Department of Agriculture: 70 countries import Arizona crops, commodities, and seeds.