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We're In High Cotton in Arizona!


Cotton is a renewable resource all along the supply chain including in the recycling process.

After 100 Years, Victory Declared Over a Really Bad Bug


The attack was persistent, relentless, methodical and annually cost tens of millions of dollars and spread to other states.

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Meier Family


The Meier’s family, beginning with his father, Bill, had always farmed hundreds of acres in what we’d consider close to the heart of Phoenix, much of it on land that now has houses instead of crops.

Transform Now Available for Cotton


By Ana Kennedy Otto, Arizona Farm Bureau Government Relations Manager: Thanks to a Section 18 Exemp...

Lauded as a Bipartisan Success Story, Omnibus Spending Bill Leaves Food and Fiber Safety Net at Risk


By Chelsea McGuire, Arizona Farm Bureau Government Relations Director: On May 4, Congress passed an...

Arizona’s Looming Ag Water Shortage: A Farmer’s Perspective


By Dan Thelander, Pinal County Farmer, Farm Bureau member and recipient of Arizona Farm Bureau's Fa...

Pick a Bale of Arizona Cotton


By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau Communication and Organization Director: My work colleague, ...

“Why in God’s Name Are We Growing Cotton in the Desert?”


By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau Communication Director: A New York reporter’s recent tweet p...

Arizona would Gain Millions in Economic Benefit if Trade Partnership Were Ratified


From an agricultural perspective knowing that farming and ranching is a growth industry, the Trans-...

Meet Arizona Agriculture’s Pacheco Family


By Julie Murphree and Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau: The Pacheco family probably has one of the...